Harvest Quickly Becomes the Fastest-Growing Discovery and Communication Marketplace for Professional Money Managers and Sophisticated Investors

In Its First Ten Months More Than 2,000 Investment Firms Share Over 40,000 Posts, Including Investment Information, Best Ideas, Market Outlooks, White Papers, and Performance Updates

NEW YORK, Oct. 21, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Harvest, the financial discovery and communication platform for investors, is quickly becoming the hottest marketplace on Wall Street. Since its launch this past December, more than 2,000 firms, including hedge funds, mutual funds, institutional investors, research analysts, financial advisors, and other sophisticated investors, have contributed over 40,000 fully transparent, and freely accessible investment related posts.

In addition to its 24/7 mix of the highest quality, transparent investment information from the brightest minds on the Street, Harvest provides a centralized meeting ground for professionals to exchange new investment ideas and views, benchmark against others, market their expertise to target audiences, and connect with peers, clients, and colleagues.

Harvest, which is built with a strict focus on security as well as SEC and FINRA compliance, offers firms full control to amplify brand awareness throughout its high quality-investor marketplace. Harvest acts as a discovery platform enabling firms to further market their approach, campaigns, specific investments, risk management styles, and/or investment philosophies. In an age of demands for increased transparency and due diligence, Harvest offers investors the best means to communicate across a targeted and scalable audience.

Harvest is available for non-professionals and professionals alike, from anywhere on any device. As a powerful personal investing platform for non-professionals, Harvest verifies, and distinguishes the pros from the non-pros, so you can search for new investment ideas, discover money managers with relevant expertise, then track, link, and sync that information in order to make better, more informed investment decisions in the future.

Harvest is wrapped in a dynamic social platform that includes virtual long/short portfolios and watch-lists for tracking of, and benchmarking against top money managers, friends or colleagues. Harvest facilitates educational and competitive trading in each member's virtual million dollar hedge fund.

Harvest, which soft launched this past December, was co-founded by financial services veterans Peter Hans and Andrew Parmentier, along with product and design expert Mike Perrone whose prior work includes Oprah.com, Electronic Arts, and McDonald's.

Harvest completed a $2,500,000 dollar seed round in May 2014 led by Third Point LLC, Highland Capital Management, and DeMark Analytics.

About Harvest

Harvest is the financial discovery and communication marketplace that enhances the way investors share expertise and information with industry leaders, peers, and potential clients. Harvest includes the top money managers, research analysts, and sophisticated investors from the world's best asset management, research, and financial advisory firms. Harvest is free to join and members engage its 24/7 mix of the highest quality, transparent investment information from the brightest minds on the Street.


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