Agricen Announces Webinar for Row Crop Growers: "How to Unlock the Value of Your Residue When Every Dollar Counts"

Webinar Will Discuss Importance of Nutrient Release From Residue for Next Season's Crop and Product Applications That Help; Dr. Laura Gentry of Illinois Corn Growers Association Joins as Guest Speaker on Residue Management in High-Yield Systems

Frisco, Texas, UNITED STATES

FRISCO, TX--(Marketwired - November 04, 2014) - Agricen, a Loveland Products Company, today announced a new webinar for growers, "How to Unlock the Value of Your Residue When Every Dollar Counts," with sessions on Thursday, November 13th and Thursday, November 20th at 8 am and 12 pm CT. Guest speaker Dr. Laura Gentry of the Illinois Corn Growers Association will discuss residue management practices in continuous corn systems that can optimize yield. She will be followed by Dr. Brian Cornelious of Agricen, who will speak about biochemical applications that can be made on post-harvest residue to speed stubble breakdown and nutrient release for next season's crop.

Webinar participants will:

  • Find out why residue plays an important role in maximizing ROI on nutrient investments
  • See how biochemical technology can rapidly break down residue to release nutrients ahead of planting in 2015
  • Discover how post-harvest residue can benefit next season's corn and soybean yields

All registered attendees will also be automatically entered to win a GoPro® camera. Register online at:

"With the banner harvest in many areas, growers need to manage residue in a way that not only will be cost effective, but will also positively impact next season's corn and soybean yields. This webinar will help them understand some of the tools for achieving that," said Michael Totora, President and CEO of Agricen. "Dr. Gentry's discussion will draw on her extensive research experience with residue management and nutrient cycling, while Dr. Cornelious will show how biochemical technology in the form of Accomplish LM can provide an efficient and cost effective way for next year's crop to access the nutrients locked up in crop stubble."

Accomplish LM is a biochemical catalyst that can be applied on post-harvest residue to speed up residue decomposition and nutrient release for enhanced uptake the following season. Manufactured by Agricen, Accomplish LM is available exclusively from Loveland Products/Crop Production Services.

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 New Webinar Will Show "How to Unlock the Value of Your Residue When Every Dollar Counts"
Infographic: Unlock the Value of Your Crop Residue

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Webinar: How to Unlock the Value of Your Residue When Every Dollar Counts Unlocking the Value of Crop Residue You're Invited to a Crop Residue Webinar (11/13 & 11/20)