Mobile Games High on Moms' Holiday Wish Lists

WildTangent study shows shift in gaming habits during the stages of motherhood

Redmond, Washington, UNITED STATES

REDMOND, Wash., Dec. 2, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The results of a study released today by WildTangent (, a cross-device games company, suggest mobile games are an ideal holiday gift for mothers, especially expectant mothers. The findings showed 80% of mothers played games at least once during the week on a smartphone or tablet, while 68% of expectant mothers played multiple times per day.
According to the study, moms shifted gaming habits throughout the various stages of motherhood. For instance, expectant mothers and those with kids aged 5-17 play more games than those with toddlers or infants. Moms with infants play less frequently, for shorter times and have less daily game play flexibility than those at other stages of motherhood. This is likely due to the needs of an infant's schedule.
Key findings:

  • 80% of mothers played games on a smartphone or tablet in a week
  • 68% of expectant mothers played games multiple times per day, and almost an hour longer per week than mothers with infants
  • 47% of mothers play games while watching TV
  • 77% of mothers play Matching Puzzle Games
  • 76% of mothers with infants play games while their children nap during the day
  • 58% of mothers with toddlers play games to relax when stressed, while 55% of mothers with infants play games when bored
  • 37% of mothers with kids aged 5-12 and 34% of expectant mothers purchased brands they saw advertised during gameplay

"As the mother of a toddler, I often play games during my free time, especially during the holidays when my family tends to get the latest devices," said Liz Wehden, Director at WildTangent. "WildTangent Games offer mothers a huge selection of quality, age appropriate games to play either on their own or along with their kids."

About the research:

WildTangent partnered with the independent research firm Interpret, LLC to conduct an online attitude and usage study around PC and mobile gaming among women, particularly, mothers. The firm conducted a study of 1,000 women separated into four groups: expectant mothers, mothers with infants, mothers with toddlers and mothers with kids aged 5-17. The study evaluated the differences in attitude, behavior, brand advertising, category preference and gaming consumption. The results revealed notable differences in gaming behavior within the various stages of motherhood.

For information about WildTangent:

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WildTangent is a worldwide, cross-device games company focused on the distribution and monetization of mobile, social and online games. The company has three main divisions: WildTangent Games offers a service that allows consumers to play thousands of premium games free, courtesy of brand advertisers, or they can purchase games. WildTangent Media delivers a patented mobile and digital advertising platform that connects leading brands with highly engaged audiences through premium advertising solutions. WildTangent Studios develops mobile games for iOS, Google Play, Amazon and WildTangent Games, including titles Polar Bowler and Poker Play!.


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