Employee Screening Solutions Reports That a Recent Survey Shows Over One Third of All Employers Continue to Ignore Drug Testing, Previous Employment Records, References and Education Verification Continues to Lead the Employment Screening Industry by Combining the Latest Data Retrieval Technology, E-Verify -- I-9 Verification, Fast Turn-Around Times and the Highest Level of Personalized Customer Service

BOSTON, MA--(Marketwired - December 04, 2014) - U.S. Based, a trusted background screening service, features the most complete, full service, background check and employee screening packages available, including guaranteed industry compliance.

Every type of organization or business, school departments, colleges and universities, can be confident implementing these professionally managed, FCRA certified, E-Verify approved, drug testing and background check programs. is a perfect fit for companies who need background check and drug screening flexibility. 

Whether it's a new business in need of more information or a company that is using another background check provider, can help. Provide with the background check requirements, and a custom package will be prepared to match a business's specific requirements.

Benefits of Effective Employment Screening:*

  • Insure the safety and security of all your employees and customers.
  • Increase company productivity.
  • Reduce turnover and training costs.
  • Protect you and your company from liability in a lawsuit.
  • Improved regulatory compliance.

*Note: Using Social Media for screening a candidate can be problematic. Making assumptions about a person's capabilities based on social media website(s) content could be considered discriminatory.

Prevent Losses to Your Business Due to:

  • Arson
  • Burglary
  • Commercial Bribery
  • Computer Fraud
  • Embezzlement
  • Employee pilferage
  • Vandalism 
  • Insurance/Workers Compensation fraud
  • Drug & Alcohol Use Risk
  • Absenteeism
  • Reduced Productivity

Background Checks include: Criminal Database Search, Education Verification, Sex Offenders Records Search, Employment Credit Report, Federal Criminal Records, Social Security Number Report, National and International Coverage, Local Criminal Records, Civil and County Records Search, Employment Verification, Motor Vehicles Records, Address History, Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) and Drug Screening.

Regardless of current economic conditions, spending money wisely within any organization is always a top priority. Not all positions require the same level of screening. Every applicant's screening can be customized to the level of security needed. Businesses will spend only what's necessary every time. Accurate background information and trusted drug testing procedures, helps businesses and organizations select reliable employees, temporary workers, interns and volunteers. continues to provide the latest background data, drug screening, accurate reports, superior customer support, and commitment to best practices, multi-source data access and employee re-screening services to all qualified businesses, including Fortune 200 companies.

Trust Background101 to provide accredited screening procedures, custom solutions, and industry standard security.

Conducting background screening on employees has become a matter of necessity for employers for several reasons. Many applicants make false claims on their job applications/resumes or have been involved in criminal activity which they may not disclose. Pre-screening is a wise investment to ensure a secure workplace and protection against negligent hiring lawsuits.

Failure to screen current and prospective employees can cost organizations of all sizes a significant outlay of cash and resources. Performing regular re-screening of employees is essential to the protection of every business. An individual's personal situation can change at any time. By putting a screening program in place, risk will be minimized while monitoring changes at all levels.

"Our professional background screening product is scalable for any size organization and consists of a wide variety of complex components," said Joe Beck, Background101 Director of Corporate Sales. "The complimentary background screening analysis has been well received and we work closely with all of our customers to provide the best and most accurate information available," said Beck. "Our primary goals are protecting the client's workforce while assisting them to make intelligent hiring decisions consistently and confidently."

Backround101's unmatched industry experience and reputation spans the complete spectrum of background employee screening services with no sign up fees, no minimum requirements, and no monthly fees. Advantages: "Hire the Right People for Your Organization"

Background101's FCRA compliant screeners are trusted by organizations of every size nationally and internationally. The privacy and personal data of all job candidates and employees is secure. Background101's award winning customer support and attention to detail will reduce risk and increase compliance.

About "Know Before You Hire" & "Avoid Surprises", located in Boston, Massachusetts, has been a trusted and leading provider of background screening information and drug testing for more than 15 years and one of the nation's most recognized pre-employment and existing employee screening services that features the latest technology, FCRA compliant professionals and secure data. 

Customers are provided with the information they need quickly, it's simple to submit information and easily access completed reports. A team of experienced FCRA compliant screening professionals provides information that is legal, current and accurate. Personalized Support & Training is Included with All Accounts. partners with clients during each step of the background research and screening process. Every background screening program is customized to meet a client's unique requirements, saving valuable time and money.

Call Joe Beck -- 866-744-6438 Ext. 277 or, for a free in-depth analysis and learn how to fully optimize a custom background screening program. -- "Screen, Verify & Hire the Best"

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