SDRI Appoints JOIMAX as Exclusive Distributor for SYNERGY Cervical Disc in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

TORONTO, Dec. 12, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SDRI, developer of SYNERGY Disc and alternative spine technologies, enters into a five-year agreement with JOIMAX GmbH for exclusive rights to market and distribute the company's SYNERGY family of products in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Karlsruhe-based Joimax, one of the leading medical device companies for minimally invasive spinal surgery, officially kicked off the alliance during an evening reception on December 11, during the 9th Annual German Spine Surgeons Meeting 2014 in Leipzig, Germany. Joimax also sponsored a luncheon symposium on December 12, where Dr. Thomas Bierstedt, and Dr. Bernd Illerhaus, both neurosurgeons from Orthopedic Neurosurgery Center (ONZ) in Datteln, shared their initial clinical experience and preliminary results utilizing the SYNERGY Disc for motion preservation procedures. 
The SYNERGY Disc is the world's first cervical disc replacement that is designed specifically to actively correct pre-operative deformity, prevent post-operative misalignment and provide optimal stability for multi-level procedures. The SYNERGY Disc incorporates a revolutionary geometry, offering multiple alignment corrections to provide surgeons with reliable and precise control of lordosis and sagittal balance. 
The first clinical cases with the SYNERGY Disc were performed in 2009, in Europe. These pilot cases with the long-term, follow-up data have recently been submitted for publication.
"We are very excited with the initial results from Germany, which have validated our pilot cases," commented SDRI's Chief Executive Officer, Devesh Menawat.  "We are eagerly anticipating the next follow-up periods and engaging in the next steps of our strategy designed to gain regulatory approval for our SYNERY Disc in the United States."
Dr. Kemal Yucesoy, a neurosurgeon involved in the pilot study, stated: "The gold standard (cervical fusion) involves proper reconstruction of sagittal balance following decompression.  Conventional disc replacements, however, do just the opposite; they restore range of motion but they have an unpredictable impact on sagittal balance.  The Synergy Disc combines the best of both of these very successful treatments by restoring range of motion and normal sagittal balance to the patient.  Restoring alignment of the spine is vital for long-term success of cervical disc replacements. Our long-term follow-up has demonstrated outstanding results.  The SYNERGY Disc will help to expand the indications for cervical arthroplasty." 
"SDRI's SYNERGY Disc addresses a significant unmet clinical need in patients suffering from alignment problems who, today, have no viable option," said Wolfgang Ries, Joimax founder, chief executive officer and president. "We have begun to commercialize the product in Germany and early feedback from surgeons is very positive. We look forward to broadening the penetration for SYNERGY in German hospitals and delivering this surgical solution to doctors and hospitals in Austria and Switzerland." 
"Germany, Austria and Switzerland represent key international markets for our company," added SDRI President Glenn Webb. "The size of these markets for spine products, combined with Joimax's reputation for delivering relevant solutions and effective training for spine surgeons, provides us with a great opportunity for growth and to expand the adoption of our Synergy technologies into other markets. This alliance further supports our mission to give options to patients, who, otherwise, have no alternative treatments available."
Synergy Disc is a registered trademark of SDRI. Joimax is a registered trademark of Joimax GmbH.
About Joimax GmbH.

Joimax GmbH, based in Karlsruhe, Germany, focuses on the development, production and marketing of technologies and methods of endoscopic spinal surgery. The complete Joimax systems provide the best possible visualization, tissue removal, stabilization and documentation in one, so the surgeon can work flexibly, independently and cost-effectively. The Joimax CM3, which includes surgery visitations, cadaver workshops and surgery support by experienced medical trainers and application specialists, employs a three-stage education program to train surgeons on the safe application of each specific surgery technique.
About SDRI, Inc.

Synergy Disc Replacement, Inc. (SDRI), headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, delivers alternative spinal technology solutions to solve complex surgical problems. The SDRI family of products include the SYNERGY® Cervical Disc. SYNERGY is the first and only artificial cervical disc to unite the needs for sagittal balance and motion, making it the only viable alternative to fusion in patients with pre-operative spine alignment issues.

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