Video Release -- David Merkatz's New Book "Wrongly Charged" Gets Attention From Book Publisher

It Was Learned That Prominent Books LLC Has Offered Merkatz a Publishing Deal for His New Book "Wrongly Charged": A Look At The Legal System

Coconut creek, Florida, UNITED STATES

COCONUT CREEK, Fla., Dec. 15, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- David Merkatz, a businessman from Coconut Creek, Florida, was offered a publishing deal last week from Prominent Books about his recent experience with the legal system.

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Mr. Merkatz had been arrested along with two other fellow locksmiths for using a name similar to another larger competitor; a name he maintains was legally registered in Florida. Merkatz always said if anything this was a CIVIL matter that should have been handled in a Civil Court.

Merkatz has hired a prominent ghostwriter, Robert Nahas, of to help write this book titled "Wrongly Charged". Merkatz decided to write this book to help others who were "Wrongly Charged" or "Wrongly Convicted" of crimes.

As this book is being written, the author is making his best effort to show how his life was unnecessarily turned upside down because of "cracks" in our legal system that allow for anyone to abuse it if they choose to. "Things can quickly get out of hand," says Merkatz, "and the only option you have is to dig your way out with crippling, ever-mounting legal fees."

A spokesperson for Prominent Books had this to say about the publishing deal: "As part of our business model, we want to be an adequate instrument for individuals in allowing them the opportunity to have their side of the story told. We never take sides but rather feel strongly that a story like this needs to be made available, and then the readers can decide for themselves right from wrong, and what is fair, unjust or deserving."

A great deal of attention has been on this case, as videos online about it have received over 100,000 views in less than 30 days. David Merkatz has received invitations by TV and radio stations to appear as a guest. "Wrongly Charged" will be available the first quarter of 2015. The Book is expected to generate record sales based on the number of inquiries received to date.

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