Amid Ongoing Global Water Shortages, Desalitech Responds With Water Efficiency Guarantee

Newton, Massachusetts, UNITED STATES

BOSTON, Dec. 17, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Desalitech, a provider of high efficiency water treatment, is helping businesses, farmers and municipalities squeeze more out of diminishing water supplies while reducing liquid waste production – and they guarantee their products can do it best. The company solidified its role today as an industry leader with a maximum water recovery guarantee on all its products.

Recovery is an industry term for the amount of water produced when treating salt water or brackish water with reverse osmosis. While most reverse osmosis systems offer 75 percent recovery, Desalitech's products offer up to 98 percent recovery.

The guarantee comes on the heels of the announcement earlier this month of an $11 million oversubscribed investment round for Desalitech. 2014 included other significant milestones, including deals with Veolia, Coca Cola, and other Fortune 500 companies; expanding its global footprint of projects around the world; and achieving outstanding performance as a water solution provider for nearly six years.

"Increased water scarcity poses one of the most serious global challenges of our time – yet many solutions fall short with excess water waste, high energy consumption and not enough flexibility," said Desalitech Executive Vice President, Richard L. Stover Ph.D. "Desalitech is leading the way by providing alternative solutions that guarantee more water and reduced energy consumption and waste. What used to be wastewater is now a new source of water supply. We have the results to show for it."

Desalitech's industrial reverse osmosis systems are helping clients cope with drought and water shortages in California and across the globe. Desalitech is able to uniquely guarantee this maximum water recovery and therefore minimize waste of water and waste generation. The company's ReFlex reverse osmosis systems lead the industry by other critical metrics, including reducing water waste by up to 75 percent and energy consumption by 35 percent. The distinctive configuration of these products similarly allows for unmatched reliability and flexibility – solving a problem that plagues traditional reverse osmosis systems.

With industry responsible for nearly 60 percent of all freshwater withdrawals in the U.S. and other developed countries and with increased frequency of water shortage crises globally, efficient industrial water treatment and wastewater reuse is essential. By replacing a 900 gallon per minute traditional reverse osmosis system with ReFlex reverse osmosis system, over 130 million gallons, enough for over 375,000 people, can be saved every year, translating to an annual savings of over $1.5 million of water, wastewater and energy costs.

About Desalitech:

Desalitech provides high efficiency water treatment for industrial, agricultural and wastewater reuse and concentration applications. Its next-generation ReFlex™ Reverse Osmosis products feature patented CCD™ technology – a highly efficient, reliable and flexible water treatment platform. The CCD process typically reduces waste by 50 to 75 percent and energy consumption by up to 35 percent, saving significant operating costs. Desalitech is proud to be headquartered in Newton, MA and manufactures its products in the USA.


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