With Several Actions Against Google, Max Sound Corporation Wants to Help Other Entrepreneurs

SANTA MONICA, CA--(Marketwired - December 19, 2014) - Tech firm, Max Sound Corporation (OTCQB: MAXD), announced today that it wants to help entrepreneurs who may have patent infringement or intellectual property infringement claims against Google, or its subsidiaries.

Max Sound has filed multiple lawsuits against Google and its related companies, both in the United States and in Germany. The lawsuits claim that Google has infringed on patents and has stolen trade secrets and other intellectual property. Two of the lawsuits against Google chronicle a series of intercompany exchanges between the VSL -- Max Sound and Google, where Google is alleged to have left Post-it notes on documents that outlined Google's plan to use -- without permission or payment -- technology that dramatically increases the video transmission quality and cost efficiency of YouTube's 10 billion daily video streams. Max Sound intends to rally other businesses that claim they have suffered from similar circumstances with the tech giant.

Max Sound has found an ally in Jim Hood, Attorney General of Mississippi. In a letter sent to Google by Hood, he writes, "In my ten years as Attorney General, I have dealt with a lot of large corporate wrongdoers. I must say that yours is the first I have encountered to have no corporate conscience for the safety of its customers, the viability of its fellow corporations or the negative economic impact on the nation which has allowed your company to flourish." 

Max Sound cites noted analyst and Google expert Scott Cleland, for his insight on Google's business practices. In an article titled Stealing from Competitors is "How Google Works," Scott Cleland suggests, "Google has perfected a classic con that is simple and ruthlessly effective. First, Google professes an interest in either licensing or buying an entity's technologies or company. Second, Google signs a confidentiality/non-disclosure agreement with the now very eager entity. Third, Google's technology experts extract as many trade secrets as possible in the due diligence process. Fourth, Google secretly reverse-engineers and implements the stolen trade secrets and patented technology without permission or payment. Fifth, Google leaves the eager entity hanging. Sixth, if the entity sues, Google slow rolls and legally exhausts the complainants' patience and resources." 

"Google would like you to believe its brand is trusted, and like a lot of people, we thought that was true," said John Blaisure, CEO of Max Sound Corporation. "We believe in the American dream and that inventors should be rewarded for their ideas, not taken advantage of by large corporations with deep pockets. When we began protecting our intellectual property against Google we had no idea that there were so many people claiming similar business dealings with similar outcomes. We are interested in hearing more from other companies in similar circumstances."

If you are an inventor or business, and feel you have a claim against Google or its subsidiaries, tell us your story by emailing us at myidea@maxsound.com.

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Preliminary injunctions: Max Sound was granted preliminary sales bans against two original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) by the Berlin Regional Court to stop the sale of certain Android devices in Germany at the IFA electronics fair in Berlin because they contain infringing technology:

  • LG Berlin docket # 16 O 335/14
  • LG Berlin docket # 16 O 336/14

The underlying patent applies to all products in the market embodying the H.264 standard for video encoding. This specifically includes the Google OS Android. http://www.rws-verlag.de/hauptnavigation/aktuell/news-detail/browse/1/article/57/Android-unter-Beschuss-ARNOLD-RUESS-und-WITTMANN-HERNANDEZ-unterbinden-fuer-VSL-und-Max-Sound-Verk.html

Permanent injunction: Max Sound has sued Google and YouTube in Germany. The successful outcome of the case could lead to sales bans on several Google Android products and YouTube in Germany. http://www.presseportal.de/pm/115516/2903311/millionenpatentklage-gegen-google-und-youtube-beim-landgericht-mannheim-eingereicht-verdacht-gegen

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