Las Vegas Cat Hospital Educates Pet Owners about Feline Laser Therapy

Henderson, Nevada, UNITED STATES

LAS VEGAS, Dec. 21, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A Cat Hospital, a Las Vegas animal hospital that exclusively cares for felines, has been working to educate pet owners about feline laser therapy. Feline laser therapy is a cutting-edge pain management and new injury treatment and is available at A Cat Hospital. The Las Vegas cat hospital is a leader in feline care and one of the first local animal hospitals to offer feline laser therapy.

According to the veterinarians, laser therapy benefits include faster healing, reduces swelling and inflammation, and provides pain relief for cats. The veterinary care team at A Cat Hospital recommends laser therapy as an effective pain management option for arthritis, skin problems, and urinary pain. Laser therapy is also used for treating a range of short-term ailments, such as abscesses, ear infections, staph infections, and dental issues (e.g., gingivitis). The hospital recommends laser therapy as an option for people who no longer wish to give daily pain medications to cats.

"We want to educate cat owners about laser therapy for a new or recent injury and pain management," said Las Vegas veterinarian Dr. Trish Auge. "We have had success using laser therapy to ease pain. In many cases, chronic pain can slowly sneak up on the cat and is viewed as 'just getting old.' Often, chronic senior cat issues are clues the cat needs laser therapy for managing this pain. Signs to look for are decreased appetite, hiding, mood swings, and a stiff/sore body."

Laser therapy uses specific wavelengths for therapeutic benefits. Research shows that laser therapy delivers targeted packets of energy directly to injured or sore soft tissue, increasing metabolic activity within the cells. This improves cellular function and health, reducing inflammation and swelling that is associated with pain, as well as stiffness and muscle spasms, says Dr. Auge.

She indicated a series of treatments over several weeks delivers the greatest pain relief benefit and are all that is needed.

Cat veterinarian Dr. Heather Zamzow is also educating pet owners about the benefits of feline laser therapy for a recent injury.

Dr. Zamzow said, "We recommend laser therapy for dental issues, such as gingivitis and stomatitis, as well as treating abscesses, ear infections and staph infections."

"With laser therapy, there is minimal need for pain medications," said veterinarian Dr. Brian McAllister. "Additionally, we see treated cats feeling younger and happier."

A Cat Hospital has been providing feline veterinary care for 28 years and has recently added laser therapy treatment for pain relief. The hospital encourages cat owners to contact the hospital to find out if laser therapy is the best treatment option for their pets. To learn more about the benefits of feline laser therapy or to schedule an appointment, visit A Cat Hospital online at


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