SPEC Sensors Launches Gas Sensor Developer Kit for OEMs at CES International 2015

SPEC Sensors Launches Gas Sensor Developer Kit for Smart Home and Wearables OEMs -- January 6 -- Las Vegas

NEWARK, CA--(Marketwired - January 06, 2015) - SPEC Sensors is making it easy for Smart Home and Wearable OEMs to integrate gas sensing in their products. SPEC Sensors™ are small size/low profile high-performance electrochemical gas sensors available at mass market volumes and prices. The Gas Sensor Developer Kit will allow Smart Home and Wearables OEMs to quickly evaluate these new gas sensing products in the lab and add it to their design(s).

Carbon Monoxide Alarms, Air Quality Monitoring, and Breath Analysis are some of the gas sensing applications in Smart Homes and Wearables that demand high performance measurement. Electrochemical gas sensing technology is the preferred solution for these applications due to measurement performance and ultra-low power consumption needed for battery operation. SPEC Sensors has overcome the large size and mass market volume limitations that have constrained market adoption of electrochemical gas sensing in consumer products.

SPEC Sensors' proprietary manufacturing approach for Screen Printed ElectroChemical sensors shrinks this gas sensing technology down to a size appropriate for consumer devices that can be made at the volumes and costs appropriate for the mass market.

The Gas Sensor Developer Kit simplifies the integration of SPEC Sensors™ into new product designs. The Gas Sensor Developer Kit comes with a Reference Potentiostat PCB for quick gas sensor evaluation in the lab, along with its complete design (schematic, parts list, and Gerber files) ready to simply include in their next design(s). 

As Dr. Joseph Stetter, SPEC Sensors President and CTO, explains, "Until recently, most accurate, stable, and specific gas sensors were not small and were difficult to make inexpensively at high volumes. SPEC Sensors has solved these issues and we are doing all we can to accelerate the adoption of gas sensors into consumer electronics."

About SPEC Sensors:
SPEC Sensors was founded to provide the sensors to make gas sensing a part of our everyday lives. Based in California near Silicon Valley, we combine our expertise in reliable and time tested sensing technologies with novel manufacturing techniques to produce sensors that are small enough to go anywhere while maintaining the high performance that is critical to delivering useful information to users. We take pride in both our long history in gas detection and our deep involvement in cutting edge technology.

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