Amerio Law Firm Offers Tips for Starting the New Year's Spending

Amerio Law Firm Is a Full-Service Law Firm in Sacramento, California, Whose Attorneys Offer Help for Those Contemplating Bankruptcy; As 2015 Begins, the Attorneys at Amerio Law Firm Share Some Insights Into Keeping Spending Under Control in the New Year

SACRAMENTO, CA--(Marketwired - Jan 7, 2015) - The attorneys at Amerio Law Firm, a full-service law firm in Sacramento, California, represent those whose debt has become insurmountable in bankruptcy proceedings. While Amerio Law Firm attorneys always help those who need to file bankruptcy, they also recognize that it is important to prevent future financial problems. As part of their full spectrum of legal services, Amerio Law Firm's attorneys offer some tips for handling spending in the New Year.

First, it is important to have an emergency savings account. "Without an emergency account, any unplanned expense becomes a disaster," notes Ashley Amerio, founder and managing partner. "Even a few hundred dollars in savings can mean the difference between being able to handle a car repair or replace an appliance, instead of having to use expensive credit cards." Ashley Amerio suggests budgeting a small amount every month until saving becomes habitual, then gradually increasing savings.

Another strategy to avoid running up credit card debt is to avoid having easy access to the cards. Ashley Amerio says, "Leave the credit cards at home in a drawer rather than carrying them with you when you shop. Try to pay cash for as much as possible. Paying cash forces you to evaluate if you really need an item or not."

Finally, Amerio suggests having a plan to pay off credit card or loan debt. "Make a rule that you cannot buy anything else until your previous debt is paid. If you buy new furniture, pay it off before buying a new vehicle." Paying off existing debt is the best way to avoid falling behind and experiencing financial difficulty.

For more information on how bankruptcy can help those who need a fresh start for the New Year, contact Amerio Law Firm in Sacramento.

About Amerio Law Firm: Amerio Law Firm offers legal help for those who want to file bankruptcy. Amerio Law Firm also represents clients who have been injured for any reason, as well as individuals facing criminal charges. With experienced attorneys who have been practicing law for decades, Amerio Law Firm is a full-service firm representing the legal needs of Sacramento residents.

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