Xpedient Partners to Provide Self-Serve Kiosk Solutions to QuickChek C-Store Foodservice Operation

Creating Innovation Through Self-Serve Kiosk Partnership

LOUISVILLE, KY--(Marketwired - January 08, 2015) - Xpedient, a wholly owned subsidiary of Advanced Solutions, Inc., has partnered with QuickChek to provide self-serve kiosk software to their entire convenience store foodservice operation.

A market leader in food services, QuickChek is a New Jersey-based convenience store chain, operating 137 retail locations throughout both New York and New Jersey. The company operates today, as it has since 1967, with customer satisfaction at the core of the operation. QuickChek is always committed to delivering what the customer wants, continuing to redefine the term "convenience store." The company thrives on providing a positive experience and fun environment for its customers and its over 3,500 employees.

QuickChek began working with Xpedient on a tool to deliver a higher level of customer service, while providing a universal, customizable, and user-friendly food service ordering experience to each store. Maria Fidelibus, QuickChek Vice President of Information Technology, shared, "We needed a process that was simple and easy to execute to deploy the content to over 600 kiosks in our stores."

After a thorough analysis of the QuickChek c-store business model, the Xpedient team was able to understand the specific challenges and solutions needed to help design a comprehensive kiosk ordering system to interact with customers and employees in a harmonious manner. Xpedient was able to meet each challenge head-on with solutions and customized deliverables. According to Maria, "They (Xpedient) came up with a creative solution-oriented process that allows us to do that (deploy content) and not impact our customer service."

The relationship between QuickChek and the Xpedient team has been valuable for both companies. The intense customization required honest feedback and understanding of, not only the process, but the end result. The Xpedient team's willingness to share ideas and information throughout the process, solidified the partnership with QuickChek.

Bruce Stevenson, QuickChek Manager of Retail Systems, expressed, "Deploying changes to our network is easy with the (Xpedient) system." He was excited to say, "It's relatively simple and it works." With QuickChek managing between 3 and 5 different content sets all varying by store, the Xpedient system makes it easy to manage and understand how the flow of information will work for each customer in each store type.

One of the best features in the tool is the ability to guide portion control, giving cost savings to the stores with less waste. Jennifer Vespole, QuickChek Director of Food Service, shared, "…We are able to now really understand and communicate with our employees this particular recipe gets this amount of cheese, this amount of toppings, based on what is being built to order." She further stated, "Really, we're able to control all of the ingredients that go on that sandwich and understand what our base cost is for every product." In addition, the origination button tracking feature has allowed for the analysis of product placement within the kiosk system, allowing a better understanding of customer preference and utilization.

QuickChek has been able to grow their foodservice business exponentially over the past few years, since partnering with Xpedient. This partnership continues to aid with changes in menu offerings and new growth opportunities for QuickChek, due to the management systems within the Xpedient software. Maria Fidelibus feels, "You couldn't partner with a better organization."

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