Kansas City Internet eXchange (KCIX) Re-Launches at 1102 Grand

KANSAS CITY, MO--(Marketwired - Jan 14, 2015) - Kansas City Internet eXchange (KCIX) has created a new peering fabric at 1102 Grand, Kansas City's Carrier Hotel. The upgraded fabric includes 1G and 10G ports that are available today. The re-launch of KCIX will allow ISPs and content providers in the Kansas City region to keep local traffic local by reducing the need to exchange traffic in Dallas or Chicago, resulting in reduced latency and faster connectivity for Kansas City region networks and Internet users.

Hunter Newby, joint venture partner of 1102 Grand, said, "As building ownership, we are very pleased to take an active role in helping the network operators in our community connect more efficiently and cost effectively. With the re-launch of the KCIX we continue to build upon the success of 1102 Grand and strengthen its position in the region for the benefit of our customers and the local economy."

Aaron Wendell, co-founder of the KCIX, added, "The new fabric and active support from 1102 Grand ownership will enable us to deliver a carrier grade, best in class peering infrastructure that will attract and serve the needs of world class carriers for years to come."

According to Reid Fishler, director at Hurricane Electric and KCIX board member, "Hurricane Electric is excited to work with KCIX to keep Kansas City local traffic local. Community operated exchange points are at the core of the Internet, and we are happy to see KCIX expand."

Peering is the arrangement of traffic exchange between Internet service providers (ISPs). Larger ISPs with their own backbone networks agree to allow traffic from other large ISPs in exchange for traffic on their backbones. They also exchange traffic with smaller ISPs so that they can reach regional endpoints. By connecting with KCIX, participants save the cost of backhauling traffic to other major cities and the time it takes to transit them. This ultimately lowers costs and increases performance.

About 1102 Grand
1102 Grand is Kansas City's premiere carrier hotel. Offering over 35 fiber and network service providers, including direct access to international transport routes, companies from around the world utilize access to 1102 Grand's extensive diverse fiber network provider offerings to enhance interconnection options while improving the quality, reliability and cost-effectiveness of their colocation and data center requirements. With no monthly recurring cross connect fees, this is the marketplace for the best possible return on investment in the region. For more information on 1102 Grand, please visit http://www.1102grand.com.

About KCIX
The Kansas City Internet eXchange, based in Kansas City, Missouri, USA offers member ports on its peering fabric free of charge. Depending on location there could be a small one-time set up charge for the cross connect. Any organization with a valid ASN can request a port and connect to the fabric in order to peer with other members. This allows members to exchange traffic directly for free instead of flowing via a transit provider who charges for it. KCIX is continually adding members. To become a member today, please contact us at info@kcix.net.

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