Applause Analytics Expands to App Stores in France, Italy, Germany and Spain

User Sentiment on Tens of Millions of Apps Across EU Now Available to Brands; Move Solidifies Applause as the Premiere App Quality Company in Europe

BERLIN, GERMANY--(Marketwired - Jan 15, 2015) - Applause, the 360° App Quality™ company, today announced that its award-winning mobile app analytics tool is now analyzing and monitoring the tens of million apps and reviews in the iOS and Android app stores in France, Italy, Germany and Spain.

Part of the company's suite of app quality tools and in-the-wild testing services, Applause Analytics empowers companies to transform the customer voice into actionable business intelligence, end internal opinion-based arguments and get improved versions of their app to market quickly. With today's announcement, Applause Analytics now crawls a total of close to 20 million apps and 370 million app reviews in the iOS and Android app stores across eight countries.

"Users simply expect apps to perform flawlessly -- the first time, every time. With Applause Analytics we enable companies to understand user sentiment towards apps in a deep way," said Applause Co-Founder and Vice President of Product Management Roy Solomon.

How it Works

Applause Analytics was built by a team of engineers and data scientists with experience tackling some of the world's toughest big data problems. It analyzes millions of reviews and ratings to provide each app with an "Applause Score" that ranges from 0 - 100. Applause Analytics further breaks down user perception of app quality across ten key Applause Attributes:

  • Content - relevance of an app's content across locations and cultures

  • Elegance - how attractive, cool or slick an app's design is

  • Interoperability - how well an app integrates with other services or hardware

  • Performance - how fast and responsive an app is in standard usage

  • Pricing - how an app's perceived value compares with its cost

  • Privacy - comfort with an app's terms of service and handling of PII

  • Satisfaction - how well an app satisfies users' core expectations

  • Security - perceived risk to logins, passwords or other sensitive information

  • Stability - how often the app crashes, hangs or freezes

  • Usability - ease of navigation and discoverability among an app's features

Companies that subscribe to Applause Analytics simply select a country from a drop-down menu and they are on their way to deep, rich, detailed analytic data about user sentiment towards their app, and those of their competitors.

"Using Applause Analytics helps companies paint a clear picture of how an app is -- or isn't -- performing in the eyes of users," said Jan Wolter, General Manager of Applause's EU office. "Now companies across France, Italy, Germany and Spain will be able to understand both what their users love about their app, and what needs improvement. Imagine if you could tell your customers that you will improve your app in the areas they care about most. We can now empower brands big and small in these countries to do just that."

Applause Analytics has previously won awards from Gartner, the American Business Awards (the Stevies) and the Global Mobile Awards.

In May of 2014, Applause announced an expanded app quality offering and rebranded from uTest to Applause, and also made its entry into the EU with a major acquisition of top EU crowdtesting company, testhub (which became Applause EU).

Companies can visit Applause or Applause EU to request a free trial of Applause Analytics and see how their apps rate with users.

About Applause

Launched in 2008 as uTest, Applause is leading the app quality revolution by enabling companies to deliver digital experiences that win -- from web to mobile to wearables and beyond. By combining in-the-wild testing services, software tools and analytics, Applause helps companies achieve the 360° app quality they need to thrive in the modern apps economy. Thousands of companies -- including Google, Fox, Amazon, Box, Concur and RunKeeper -- choose Applause to launch apps that delight their users. Learn more at or and follow @applause on Twitter.