Sales Engagement Platform LiveHive Leads Industry with New Sales Acceleration Capabilities

Enables Sales Teams to Instantly Replace Digital Documents After Sending, Delivers Seamless Integration with Salesforce Email Templates, and First HTML Support for Tracked Documents

San Jose, California, UNITED STATES

SAN JOSE, Calif., Jan. 21, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- LiveHive, whose comprehensive sales engagement platform provides real-time intelligence based on prospect engagement with digital content, today announced a new release of its award-winning sales engagement platform. LiveHive's powerful new functionality accelerates sales processes to make it easier and faster for sales professionals to understand customer engagement, while seamlessly integrating with everyday sales applications, and delivering the deepest and most comprehensive sales insights.

New features include: never-before-seen functionality to instantly update or terminate access to sales documents after sending; seamless integration with Salesforce email templates and the industry's only HTML support of any Microsoft™ or pdf tracked sales document.

LiveHive today also announced that it has partnered with Act-On Software, the leading provider of marketing automation for small and mid-sized businesses, to bring its comprehensive sales document engagement analytics to the Act-On platform, closing the gap between marketing and sales. Read press release here.
"No other sales engagement solution can compare with the insight delivered by LiveHive's deep and comprehensive sales engagement analytics," said Ramon Nuñez, CEO for LiveHive. "Today, we also become first to market with enhanced product functionality specifically designed to streamline the sales process and increase sales reps' productivity. By enabling sales to engage in new and innovative ways with prospects, LiveHive is helping to solve some of the biggest challenges in a transformed sales world."

LiveHive – New Features and Functionality

Leveraging its powerful and unified platform, LiveHive delivers the industry's most comprehensive sales engagement capabilities, including real-time analytics, page-by-page analytics, and recipient profiles for forwarded documents. Because it works seamlessly existing sales applications, LiveHive lets sales reps on the front line quickly and easily start gaining value from Day One. LiveHive's latest release includes:

  • Instant document replacement after being sent as an email attachment – Sales professionals can edit or replace a document already sent as an attachment. If a proposal was sent with incorrect pricing or product information, users can easily edit and replace the document without having to resend the attachment to the recipient again.
  • One-click termination of access to a document – If a salesperson wants to terminate access to a document previously sent as an attachment, LiveHive makes it possible with a simple click. Even if the sales document has already been downloaded, users can still terminate access to the document and prevent future access.
  • Document hyperlinks and email link tracking – LiveHive is the only sales engagement solution to allow hyperlinks of any MS and pdf document, so prospects can now click on hyperlinks in tracked sales documents. LiveHive also gives sales the ability to support email link tracking.
  • Salesforce email templates access from inbox – LiveHive gives users the ability to pull and use Salesforce email templates, so they can quickly and consistently reach out to prospects from within their Gmail (available today) or Outlook.

LiveHive's latest version is available immediately. To download and try LiveHive for free, visit

About LiveHive

Headquartered in San Jose, California, LiveHive is a software startup whose cloud-based sales engagement platform transforms professional selling by providing real-time intelligence based on customer engagement with digital content. Recently named the 2014 Top Sales & Marketing Productivity Tool by Top Sales World, LiveHive empowers sales professionals to create a better-qualified pipeline of leads through real-time customer context. Seamlessly integrated with existing CRM systems and email clients, the LiveHive platform lets sales professionals tailor and time their follow-up based on an 'insight-selling' approach. LiveHive addresses the need for advanced sales acceleration solutions in a changed selling environment and lets sales organizations quickly and easily rank top prospects for competitive advantage. For more information, visit ### 


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