Amerio Law Firm Discusses What to Do If Injured in a Vehicle Accident

The attorneys at Amerio Law Firm in Sacramento Represent the Victims of Car Accidents. Passengers in Vehicles Who Are Injured in a Crash Should Protect Their Rights Before It's Too Late by Hiring an Attorney; Ashley Amerio Offers Advice to Those Who Have Been Injured as a Passenger in a Vehicle Crash

SACRAMENTO, CA--(Marketwired - Jan 22, 2015) - Every year, Sacramento residents are victims of numerous car accidents. The latest statistics show that more than 6,200 people suffered injuries in car accidents in Sacramento in 2012. Many of these victims do not know what to do when they are the passenger in a vehicle and suffer injuries as a result of a crash. Victims are often pressured by the insurance company to settle quickly to prevent them from hiring an attorney. However, according to Ashley Amerio of the Amerio Law Firm in Sacramento, this is a serious mistake. 

"Insurance companies often entice victims by offering quick money so the victim cannot hire an attorney and get more money, equal to the value of the case," says Amerio, the founder of her firm. "Victims are often in dire need of money after they been involved in a crash, suffered injuries, been unable to work or possibly lost their job after an accident. Insurance companies take advantage of the victims' desperation and offer them a small amount of quick cash. Victims are urged not to fall into this trap. When you accept that money, you also agree to dismiss the claim forever and can never recover any additional compensation. Unfortunately, without the advice of an attorney, many victims settle their cases too soon."

Speaking to a personal injury attorney is the only way to avoid this problem. "A personal injury attorney represents the interests of the victim, not the insurance company," says Amerio. Passengers may be entitled to compensation from the person responsible for the accident, whether that person is the driver of the car in which they were riding or another driver. There may also be other avenues of liability to be explored. For most people, talking to a personal injury lawyer is the best way to protect individual interests and prevent insurance companies from avoiding payment of the full amount of damages.

"Hiring a personal injury attorney may be the only way you can recover damages when insurance companies are unwilling to pay," says Amerio. "This is why we fight for the rights of victims who have been injured in a crash against predatory insurance companies."

About Amerio Law Firm: Amerio Law Firm is a Sacramento-based personal injury law firm whose attorneys represent the rights of any accident victim, including those involved in vehicle accidents, slip-and-fall accidents or product liability cases.

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