AcoustiCAP, Noise Reducing Technology Developed by the Federal Government, Announces Distributor Discount Program

AcoustiCAP to Provide Rebates Based on Quantity, Saving HVAC Building Systems Distributors Thousands of Dollars

CHICAGO, Jan. 26, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A new program, being introduced today, will financially reward HVAC and business systems distributors who market and sell a low-cost, proven solution for reducing ambient noise throughout buildings.

The announcement was made at the start of the AHR conference, the world's largest HVACR marketplace. AcoustiCAP™ is being exhibited at booth #7327. The company said it is launching the program in a focused effort to attract additional distributors who can market the AcoustiCAP product nationwide.

The Distributor Discount Program (DDP) is designed to reward distributors who sell AcoustiCAP in bulk quantity to their contractors, who in turn sell the product to end-user customers. The rebates range up to five percent at the program's platinum level, which can save distributors thousands of dollars.

AcoustiCAP is the result of a Federal Government research project, which sought to reduce the ambient, unwanted speech traveling from office to office in government facilities. Scientific studies show that offices outfitted with AcoustiCAP devices demonstrated a reduction of 33 percent in high-frequency office-to-office ambient noise, compared with offices that did not have the devices installed. That is especially important at companies where privacy is a prime concern, in key vertical markets such as financial services, healthcare, government and more. 

"We recommend the AcoustiCAP to our contractors and their customers, because it is simple, effective and proven," said Pete Lancaster at J-K Mechanical Products, a distributor based in Baltimore.  "It is easy to install, and unlike bulky lined sheet metal elbows, AcoustiCAP offers significant noise reduction with faster installation and a significantly smaller footprint."

"Companies are looking for a proven way to significantly lower the amount of noise in their workplaces, but do not want to install high-cost, complicated systems," said Shaun Mannix, principal at Transwall, which markets and sells AcoustiCAP throughout the United States. "AcoustiCAP is specifically designed to answer their needs. Unlike other products in this sector, the product does not have to be monitored or upgraded, allowing end-users to take a 'set it and forget it' approach to solving their noise challenges."

AcoustiCAP devices are also easy to install, with no itch or skin irritation or formaldehyde. They also offer a Class A fire rating, and resist microbial growth. More information about AcoustiCAP is available from the company's website,

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