Find Your Influence Introduces FYI Lite(TM)

New automated influencer marketing platform offers no-strings access to agencies and brands' key influencers, building upon FYI's award-winning "An Audience with An Audience" concept

PHOENIX, Feb. 3, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Find Your Influence (FYI), an industry-leading automated influencer marketing platform, today announced the launch of FYI LiteTM, a streamlined version of the company's very successful cloud based, self-service application designed to connect brands or businesses of all sizes with their digital influencers.

The emergence of FYI Lite allows users to engage with their unique online audience without paying a subscription fee or entering into a long-term contract. The platform's unique functionality offers clients the ability to target the digital influencers most relevant to their specific vertical, without having to worry about contract negotiations, influencer payments or the other administrative aspects that can hinder a successful influencer marketing campaign.

"Connecting influencers and their audiences with advertisers, agencies and growing brands is our passion," said Jamie Reardon, CEO and Co-Founder of FYI. "By adding FYI Lite to our automated influencer marketing platform offerings, we can now work with a range of marketing professionals who may not have otherwise had the budget to engage with their influencers."

Using a proprietary influencer scoring algorithm, FYI Lite ranks digital influencers on a variety of factors, including audience, reach and advocacy. Since launching February, 2014, FYI now offers access to more than 3,000 influencers, or "audiences with audiences", and the company works with notable brands in the retail, technology, financial and small business verticals. By connecting to these influencers through FYI Lite, brands can communicate to their end-users directly through the creation of third-party endorsed content, leveraging digital influencers as brand evangelists.

Additionally, FYI Lite offers customers the ability to see the results of this influence across blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+. This real time reporting allows agencies and brands to further develop relationships through influencers without being required to commit to the service for longer than the course of the campaign.

FYI Lite is also an introduction for users looking to leverage an influence marketing automation software solution. Within one interface, advertisers, agencies and influencers can manage campaigns from start to finish, offering a one-stop campaign solution that rewards both influencers and brands alike.

"With FYI Lite's quick start, self service solution, advertisers and agencies are able to connect to digital influencers to begin leveraging their audience right away, and that's key to so many digital marketers" said Reardon. "Also, if users decide to upgrade their FYI Lite experience to the enhanced version of FYI, they can seamlessly transition to the full product."

To help emerging brands experience FYI Lite, the company has also launched a dedicated website, found at

"Influencer marketing isn't just a new marketing tool, it's a way for brands to honestly and enthusiastically communicate with their new and prospective customers through third-party endorsements," said Reardon.

"FYI Lite has been designed to allow more of these brands and these influencers to come together."

About Find Your Influence

Find Your Influence (FYI) is a cloud-based web application that enables advertisers, agencies and influencers to efficiently manage influencer marketing campaigns from start to finish using one product interface. Created in 2013 by a team of digital marketers with over 30 years of experience, Find Your Influence provides a single interface to identify and connect with influencers, create and distribute content, manage campaigns, measure their effectiveness, and process payments.

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