Frank Ancona Honda Displays Vintage Bikes, Scooters, Generators and Car From Family Collection at Olathe Dealership

OLATHE, KS--(Marketwired - Feb 5, 2015) - Frank Ancona Honda, a Kansas City Honda dealer, has several vintage bikes, scooters, generators and a car on display at the dealership that the Ancona family has been collecting since the opening of the first dealership in 1961. (View Photos)

Since 1961, the Ancona family has amassed many collectibles that hold great sentimental value. Besides the rare trophies received from outstanding sales, there are a few other vehicles that Ancona saved. In the lobby of the dealership, you will find a 1971 Honda 600 Coupe that Frank Ancona rescued from a farmer's widow. The car is completely restored with only 58,000 miles on it. The Coupe is a piece of Honda history -- when Honda began making cars like the 600 Coupe, they put motorcycle engines in them.

Michael Ancona, president of Frank Ancona Honda, explains, "They only made them in ugly colors back then" going on to list bright shades of orange, yellow, teal and green. 

The dealership also has a collection of bikes and scooters. There is a 1975 Honda MR50 Elsinore, a child's dirt bike that was made to look like a miniature CR250. A 1986 Honda Spree is also featured, known as Honda's entry level 50cc scooter. The 1983 Honda Express holds fond memories of riding around the KU campus for the Ancona kids. Lastly, there is a Honda Kick-N-Go 2 on display, a precursor to the popular Razor scooters.

The early years of success that Frank Ancona experienced would be a precursor to the future of the dealership. In 1963, Ancona won an Award of Merit for outstanding sales. The trophy was the first portable generator model Honda produced with a plaque inscribed to the dealership.

Ancona added, "In the 60s, this generator was ideal. It has a 300-watt output and runs on gas with a pull start. It was considered quiet and extremely compact for travel."

In 1966, Ancona sold more vehicles than Honda itself and won an award from Honda founder Soichiro Honda. Ancona flew to Japan to accept the award. The original dealership was called Northeast Motor Sports and sold Honda, Ducati, Norton and Triumph motorcycles. In 1971, 10 years after opening, they grew into a car dealership exclusively selling Hondas off of Truman Road in Kansas City.

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