Cerner Implements a Cloudera Enterprise Data Hub to Transform the Healthcare System and Help Save Lives

With More Than Two Petabytes of Data in a Cloudera Enterprise Data Hub, Cerner Delivers a Holistic View of Patient Outcomes

PALO ALTO, Calif., Feb. 12, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cloudera, the leader in enterprise analytic data management powered by Apache Hadoop™, today announced that Cerner Corp. (CERN), a long time leader in the health IT space, is powering its Big Data platform with a Cloudera enterprise data hub to create a holistic understanding of the healthcare system and to improve patient outcomes. Cerner's devices and services are utilized in over 14,000 medical facilities around the world, such as hospitals, integrated delivery networks, ambulatory offices and physicians' offices. With its enterprise data hub, the company is expanding beyond its traditional focus on electronic medical records (EMR) to gather and analyze the world's healthcare data in an effort to reduce costs and make the delivery of healthcare more efficient, while improving patient outcomes. Cerner clients have already reported that the new system has helped saved hundreds of lives by providing more accurate predictions around patient health.

"Hadoop is a very sophisticated ecosystem of technologies, and we are a healthcare company, not an infrastructure company," said David Edwards, vice president and fellow at Cerner. "We decided to find a partner that could help take care of the infrastructure, allowing us to focus on the real, healthcare-related challenges that we're trying to address."

Cerner identified the leading commercial Hadoop providers and compared the solutions based on a number of criteria. Cloudera's offering clearly stood apart from the other distributions based on Cerner's evaluation of the following:

  • Proof points including management tooling, scalability, performance, price, security, partner integration, training, and support options, among others.
  • Alignment with Cerner's philosophies including building a simpler platform that could be used by a wide range of skill sets.
  • Dedication and participation in open source community projects - specifically Crunch and Kite.

"After evaluating the different options, Cloudera earned the highest marks. Since implementing Cloudera, Cerner is already making discoveries," said Ryan Brush, senior director and distinguished engineer, Cerner. "For example, we can now accurately determine the probability that a patient has a bloodstream infection. Our clients are reporting that the new system has actually saved hundreds of lives by being able to predict if a patient has sepsis more effectively than they could before."

Today, Cerner's enterprise data hub contains more than two petabytes (PB) of data in a multi-tenant environment, supporting several hundred clients. Unique to Cerner is its ability to pull data from an almost unlimited number of sources. Due to the steady flood of data and rapidly expanding environment, Cloudera Manager has been imperative in providing a holistic view of Cerner's Big Data platform and helps easily manage multiple clusters.

"A few years ago, we challenged companies to ask bigger questions of their data; Cerner is asking some very big, and very important questions, and realizing the impact that data can have on society," said Mike Olson, founder and chief strategy officer for Cloudera. "Spiraling healthcare costs are a critical challenge in the US. Cerner is working not just to slow the increase, but to bring costs down, delivering better care and better outcomes more affordably. That means looking at the top chronic conditions -- heart disease, stroke, cancer, obesity, arthritis, and diabetes1. Chronic diseases account for $3 of every $4 spent on healthcare.2 Attacking those chronic diseases means building a complete, detailed picture of the population as a whole, and that is a tremendous big data challenge. Cerner is using Cloudera to capture, organize, analyze, and act on that data. We're proud to be working with them on such an important effort, and we're eager to help them extract new insight from the data and to translate them into positive changes for the healthcare system and patient outcomes."

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