Pioneering Longevity Researcher Insilico Medicine, Inc. Takes Top Prize at PMWC 2015

As billions pour into biotech and medical research firms looking for life-extending medications, venture capitalists at the Personalized World Medicine Conference give Insilico Medicine, Inc. the "Most Promising Company" Award for 2015

BALTIMORE, Feb. 16, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via PRWEB - Insilico Medicine, Inc., a longevity researcher focused on drug discovery to combat aging and age-related diseases, received the award for "Most Promising Company in Healthtech/IT" at the Personalized Medicine World Conference (PMWC 2015) in Palo Alto, CA.

Insilico Medicine, Inc. won the competition after two rounds of presentations judged by senior managers at seven of the world's largest healthcare venture capitalists, including Kaiser Permanente Ventures, Khosla Ventures, Aberdare Ventures, GE Ventures, New Leaf Venture Partners, Aspen Institute and Johnson & Johnson.

"This year's PMWC Silicon Valley brought together crème de la crème of human aging research and personalized medicine from academia, industry and finance," said Insilco Medicine CEO, Alex Zhavoronkov, PhD. "We're honored by the award and the opportunity to work with industry leaders who, like us, want to discover drugs that help our elderly live longer, healthier lives."

The company is developing high-performance computer modeling solutions - also known as bioinformatics - that will help scientists analyze the underlying molecular process that causes cancer and other age-related diseases. In 2014, Insilico Medicine assembled an all-star scientific advisory board, including a recent Nobel laureate and the principal scientist of the Human Genome Project.

"This year we see the dawn of a new industry in aging and longevity," said Tal Behar, Co-founder and President of PMWC. "We are very happy to see that a company focusing on commercializing aging research made it to the finals and received the highest award."

According to research published by the Lancet Medical Journal, by the year 2020, people aged 60 and older will outnumber children who are less than five years old. This will be the first time in human history when the old will outnumber the young. But longevity experts agree that with greater age, there's a greater risk of disease and a healthcare dependence. "Instead of trying to keep a person alive for another three to six months, and essentially bankrupting healthcare systems worldwide, we should introduce drugs that prevent the onset of age-related diseases," said Zhavoronkov. "By helping the elderly live longer, we will not only decrease pain and suffering worldwide, but we'll also provide a significant boost to the global economy. "

About Insilico Medicine

Insilico Medicine, Inc. is a Baltimore-based company utilizing advances in genomics and big data analysis for in silico drug discovery and drug repurposing for aging and age-related diseases. The company utilizes the GeroScope™, OncoFinder™ , Pathway Cloud Intelligence™ and PharmAtlas™ packages for aging and cancer research, pursues internal drug discovery programs, and provides services to pharmaceutical companies. For more information on Insilico Medicine, please visit

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