Novatel Wireless Extends Deal With GPS Chile to Deliver 3G M2M Fleet Management Telematics Solution

Chilean Fleet Management Company First to Deliver 3G M2M Telematics Solution in the Region With Novatel Wireless Mobile Tracking Devices

SAN DIEGO, Feb. 17, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Novatel Wireless, Inc., (Nasdaq:MIFI), a leading provider of wireless solutions for the Internet of Things, today announced an agreement to continue volume shipments to GPS Chile, Chile's largest fleet management company. Under the partnership, Novatel Wireless is supplying GPS Chile with a feature-rich telematics solution, MiFi® Drive model MT 4100. It is a mobile tracking solution that is tightly integrated into GPS Chile's application for commercial use in trucks, trailers and vehicles.

Research from an article published by Telefonica reflects an overall 30% annual growth rate for fleet management in Latin America between 2013-2016, where Chile is ranked as the region's most mature market focused on fleet management. The number of active fleet management systems installed in vehicles in central and South America is expected to increase 16.1% annually through 2018, according to Berg Insights. Pyramid Research explains that the growth in Chile reflects a greater demand for M2M value-added services (VAS) where businesses need to realize ROI due to increasing fuel prices, security and other pressures to be efficient fleet managers combined with the adoption of new government regulations and policies, such as the new emissions tax, and the migration of 2G networks to 3G.

MT 4100: The MT 4100, part of the Novatel Wireless MiFi Drive family of telematics solutions, is a fully certified 3G (UMTS), flexible, feature rich M2M device for fleet management. Advancements to the platform deliver critical features that drive efficiencies and reduce operational costs. The solution provides superior GPS location performance using an on-board smart agent event engine for accelerometer based driver behavior reporting with advanced diagnostics, extended geo-fencing, messaging and other events. The MT 4100 also features multiple I/O ports, 1-Wire® interface, Garmin Fleet Management Interface (FMI) and an M2M API that simplifies fleet management back-office integration and compatibility with the on-board smart agent event engine.

"As the leading fleet management operation throughout Chile servicing multiple industries, our reputation to deliver customers the assurance of uninterrupted visibility and reliable information exchange, especially to those who frequently operate in remote areas is critical," said Marcelo Tapia, CEO of GPS Chile. "We had been testing the device for a few months and we're very impressed with the performance and new features. Novatel Wireless' advanced and differentiated product offering coupled with their certification, track record and service support benefits were essential factors in the selection process, which enable us to enhance our value proposition in the market."

"We are excited to work with GPS Chile to usher in the next generation of innovative telematics solutions for the region," said Chip Harleman, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Novatel Wireless. "Latin America offers huge opportunities for us and the present demand in Chile for advanced telematics capabilities is significant. As an international company committed to scale, leading technology, quality and support, the opportunity to deliver end-to-end solutions in an otherwise fragmented industry, give us an advantage to secure these types of partnerships."

About GPS Chile

GPS Chile is the leader in specialized fleet management technology and services throughout Chile. Founded in 2001, GPS Chile provides customized fleet solutions to over 2000 customers across multiple industries.

About Novatel Wireless

Novatel Wireless, Inc. (Nasdaq:MIFI) is a leader in the design and development of M2M wireless solutions based on 2G, 3G and 4G technologies. The Company delivers Internet of Things (IoT) and Cloud SAAS services to carriers, distributors, retailers, OEMs and vertical markets worldwide. Product lines include MiFi® Intelligent Mobile Hotspots, USB modems, Expedite® and Enabler embedded modules, Mobile Tracking Solutions, and Asset Tracking Solutions. These innovative products provide anywhere, anytime communications solutions for consumers and enterprises. Novatel Wireless is headquartered in San Diego, California. @MiFi (Twitter)

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