New Study Gives Insight into the Marketer's Challenge of Consolidating Technology and Service Providers

Time spent managing multiple vendors is a major pain point

Chicago, Illinois, UNITED STATES

CHICAGO, Feb. 18, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In a study released today by multichannel marketing solutions provider, Yes Lifecycle Marketing, results show over half of marketers (52 percent) use six or more outbound channels to interact and connect with their customers. Another 21 percent of responding marketers use more than ten. This is in direct correlation to the staggering 28 percent of marketers who then manage seven or more technology vendors and service providers as part of their marketing initiatives.

Yes Lifecycle Marketing, an Infogroup company and multichannel marketing solutions provider, surveyed over 250 marketers attending the 2014 Direct Marketing Association Annual Conference in San Diego and found marketers are spending an astounding amount of time managing multiple vendors in order to synchronize their channel communication strategies, with 21 percent spending upwards of 15 hours every week coordinating their technology and service providers.

"Marketers are faced with a unique challenge," said Michael Fisher, president of Yes Lifecycle Marketing. "With more and more niche marketing vendors providing channel-specific solutions, it is imperative, more-so than ever, for marketers to be selective about which vendor, or possibly vendors, they work with in order to ensure their customers are receiving a seamless cohesive brand and message experience through each marketing channel, across all facets of the lifecycle stage."

Nonetheless, a less is more approach seems to be the start of a positive trend amongst those surveyed with 72 percent of respondents indicating they work with six or less vendors to support their multiple communication channels and media efforts. Yet, 25 percent of marketers surveyed noted they have more than seven internal stakeholders within their organization involved in the selection of technology vendors and services.  Unified marketing goals and business requirements are at risk with this potential of excessive criteria of needs, preferences, and biases.  This makes it vital for organizations to have a focal point and consider working with as few technology vendors and service providers as possible, in order to achieve an integrated communications approach and build engaging relationships with their customers.  

Lack of staff and budget are top challenges for marketers

When asked what their top three hindrances were in accomplishing goals, 39 percent of marketers disclosed they did not have adequate staff available, a further 29 percent cited lack of sufficient budget, and 13 percent expressed that their multiple technology vendors and service providers to not integrate well.

The survey data further indicated:

  • 17 percent stated an absence of appropriate technology
  • 15 percent cited the need to consolidate vendors to be able to achieve goals
  • 12 percent reaffirmed they had too many vendors to coordinate

"With a lack of budget and staff, it's crucial for marketers to be extensively selective in their technology and services partner," said Fisher.  "Marketers would best be served by choosing one that can provide them with a full-service integrated offering."

To download the complete report, "The Marketer's Challenge: Consolidating Technology and Service Providers", click here.

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