ARCHES' Innovative New Model Bridges Existing Gaps for Stronger Patient Engagement

HOBOKEN, NJ--(Marketwired - Feb 23, 2015) - ARCHES Technology (, formerly DKI, today announced the official launch of its new technology-fueled patient engagement model for the healthcare industry. ARCHES' unique hybrid model combines the best of patient engagement strategy and content services associated with traditional healthcare communication agencies with a proprietary, robust technology platform designed specifically for this sector. The result of this combination is that ARCHES is able to target patients more effectively at every stage of their individual journey. The new offering brings to bear more than a decade of experience that has empowered over two million people to date via patient education and engagement, and overlays a cloud-based technology to leverage that experience for more efficient patient access and enhanced outcomes.

The name ARCHES refers to the company's goal to "bridge" existing gaps in patient education, specifically between healthcare providers and patients. CEO Daniella Koren, who created DKI over 14 years ago, says, "It's time. The industry demand is there for our kind of hybrid strategic content/technology company, and ARCHES is ready for it. Everything we've done since 2001 as DKI, a patient relationship marketing agency, has led up to the birth of this new model, and we're offering insights, learning and capabilities that no one else has."

She points out that patients communicate most with their healthcare providers during in-person appointments. But diseases, procedures and patient journeys are ongoing; they are unique, and they take place in between those appointments. Many details can affect the success of diagnosis and treatment. "Patients can forget or be confused about what their doctor said, or lack the motivation to adhere to instructions, or just not fully understand what to expect, or how to prepare for procedures, manage on-going disease or know when to come back. ARCHES is the only company poised to offer both the experience and technology that bridges information gaps, bolsters patient education in a responsive way and streamlines the process at those pivotal moments." 

ARCHES has a flexible business model, meant to serve an array of clients, from healthcare brand marketers to accountable care organizations, specialty group practices, EHR companies and other key players. Essentially, there is a need for ARCHES' ability to bridge the gaps at any patient touch-point in the healthcare continuum. Clients who need patient engagement and content strategy development can continue to access that, as they did from DKI. Other clients may have their own content and need only the technology platform, which has self-serve (SaaS) and full service options. 

ARCHES' foundational product is Keystone, a HIPAA-compliant, cloud-based platform with sophisticated content management capabilities that allows clients to upload, create, manage and nimbly deploy responsive patient education through a single interface. The platform also offers real-time insight mining to tailor programs to patient needs with extensive opportunities for customization. Robust analytics allow for immediate course correction and greater accountability to ROI assessment and program goals. Keystone incorporates historical patient engagement data reflecting over 10 million patient touch-points, so that clients can easily compare their results -- by condition, demographics and therapeutic category -- to industry norms.

The depth of ARCHES' experience is evident in its versatility for many healthcare patient engagement needs. "Being a patient is challenging, complex and often involves a long journey. Being able to engage with an oncology patient is vastly different from engaging with an orthopedic patient who just underwent surgery, or with someone just getting a stress test," says Koren.

"All of them have particulars that can positively or negatively affect the outcome. We have a vast store of experience helping clients, patients and caregivers negotiate those paths. Said most simply," Koren explains, "ARCHES helps get the right message to the right patient in the right mindset at precisely the right time."

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ARCHES is the first and only company offering a nimble, one-source model for creation and deployment of robust patient engagement that will help optimize outcomes in our new world of shared doctor/patient decision-making. ARCHES brings together a vast background in patient relationship marketing and the technology necessary to assist the healthcare provider/patient dialogue through education about any condition or key milestone in the patient journey. ARCHES serves an array of clients, from brand marketers to healthcare practices and accountable care organizations. Please visit

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