Elster Solutions to deploy the largest AMI system in the country

Raleigh, North Carolina, UNITED STATES

RALEIGH, N.C., Feb. 24, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Elster Solutions announced today that its EnergyAxis® smart grid system has been selected to support one of the largest Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) projects ever deployed in Mexico and Latin America. Elster's system was selected by a consortium chosen by Mexico's federal electricity company, Comisión Federal de Electricidad de México (CFE). CFE generates, transmits, distributes and markets electric power for more than 38.4 million customers, representing over 100 million people.

The consortium that selected the Elster technology is comprised of Megacable, Ho1a and Tecnologias EOS and is responsible for deploying an AMI solution for Fase 6 (the 6th phase) of the PIDIREGAS projects, labelled as "Loss Reduction Projects on Distribution." The PIDIREGAS projects support Mexican government energy reform initiatives aimed at increasing the efficiency of the country's electricity system.

Responding to CFE's need for high-quality AMI technology to reduce losses in its distribution network, the consortium will deploy Elster EnergyAxis software and field network devices, along with Elster REX2, A3 ALPHA, and mREX2 smart meters. The mREX2 is Elster's new non-technical loss prevention cabinet meter. Some 300,000 meters will be deployed in the Division Valle de México Centro in the heart of Mexico City and home of the city's most important residential and commercial areas.

The system will allow the utility to collect accurate and reliable data, improve billing calculations and efficiency, and help its customers to become more energy efficient. The system will also help CFE remotely read meters in hard-to-reach areas, monitor energy usage, conduct remote connects/disconnects, and perform load management, energy balancing and voltage monitoring more effectively.

"We are delighted CFE selected Elster and its partners for this important project," said Fabio Dominguez, vice president and general manager of the Elster Solutions Mexico business unit. "This project is the result of our commitment to CFE and our continued development of solutions for the Mexican market."
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