Online Apparel Returns Myths Debunked: TrueShip Unshrouds Top-10 Most Common Misconceptions in E-Retailing in Newest Guide

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SCOTTSDALE, AZ--(Marketwired - March 04, 2015) - TrueShip ( is out to set the course straight about online apparel returns. In the newest guide they've just released, they cover the top-10 most common myths surrounding online apparel returns, helping to shed light on the truth for e-retailers.

With the ecommerce industry growing by epic proportions with each passing year, pegged to break the $370 billion marker in the U.S. annually by 2017, understanding how online apparel returns impact the industry is imperative for clothing sellers.

While ecommerce has a return rate of about 33%, apparel retailers online take the brunt of the blow. This is namely due to the nature of clothing sales in general. Consumers are unable to try on a garment from an online store or feel the fabric before they make a purchase, contributing to a high rate of returns after the fact.

This leads many e-retailers down the wrong path, where they restrict their online apparel returns policy in attempts to decrease returns, mistakenly believing that this protects their bottom line.

The most recent guide debunking online apparel returns myths by TrueShip helps e-retailers better understand why offering hassle-free and convenient returns with free return shipping builds customer confidence and loyalty, and helps improve sales.

This in-depth guide offers detailed information that debunks the ten most common myths surrounding online apparel returns, including:

  • Returns cost you money.
  • Returns are a hassle.
  • Most people don't read a returns policy.
  • Returns are usually the fault of the customer.
  • Most returns are made by one-time buyers.
  • Good returns policies do not affect sales.
  • Most shoppers don't think about returns before buying.
  • Most people are not concerned with free return shipping.
  • Bad return policies don't affect sales.
  • A returns policy won't impact your future sales.

TrueShip makes an online apparel returns management system called ReadyReturns. It drops into nearly any website without any coding to provide a customer-facing and hassle-free returns management system. E-retailers are in full control and can set the rules of returns with detailed reporting and tracking. Consumers can make fast returns online by filling out a simple form and being emailed a return shipping label.

TrueShip routinely releases guides about online apparel returns and solutions to help users of ReadyReturns better improve their return policy, so they can enjoy more sales and can increase retention rates.

A detailed assortment of related guides can also be found at TrueShip's website at:

"There are still a lot of myths surrounding the benefit of offering hassle-free online apparel returns," explained Michael Lazar, Director of Online Marketing at TrueShip. "The goal of this guide is to help debunk some of these rampant myths that foment misinformation for e-retailers, so they can create the most beneficial returns policy for their online store."

The guide debunking online apparel returns can be found on TrueShip's website at:

About ReadyReturns

ReadyReturns is a customer-facing, self-service online product returns software solution. It integrates into virtually any website without any programming. ReadyReturns lets customers make returns from a website by filling out a simple form and printing the return shipping label. E-retailers set the rules of the returns, including things like return shipping and restocking fees.

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