Huntington Learning Center to Launch Test Prep Program Designed Specifically for the Redesigned SAT

New Personalized Program Available This Summer to Help Students Get a Jumpstart on Exam Preparation

Oradell, New Jersey, UNITED STATES

ORADELL, N.J., March 5, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The SAT, perhaps the most anxiety-producing rite of passage in a high school student's life, is getting a major overhaul that will radically change how students prepare. In response, Huntington Learning Center, a tutoring and test prep company that places curricular knowledge at the center of test prep, has announced that it will launch a new test prep program devoted to the redesigned SAT® – a change the College Board announced a year ago today.

The redesigned test, which officially takes effect March 2016, will impact the nearly 2 million students who take the college entrance exam each year. The new test will place greater emphasis on college and career readiness and skills such as reasoning, data analysis and critical thinking. Its focus on evidence-based responses means that students will need to master root academic concepts and not merely employ a set of superficial strategies to "beat" the test. Helping students build core knowledge is critical to their success on the redesigned SAT and a strength of Huntington Learning Center.

"A college entrance exam is one of the most important tests that a person will take in his or her lifetime, because it impacts college admissions, scholarship dollars and future opportunities. We take that milestone very seriously," said Dr. Raymond Huntington, co-founder of Huntington Learning Center, with his wife, Eileen Huntington. "We are a learning center first, which means that we are steeped in the knowledge of high school curricula, and we know what is being tested inside and out. We work with our students to ensure that on test day, they do too. Every student has the ability to learn, and we believe that learning is the most powerful form of test prep, making us ideally suited to help students adjust to the new format."

Huntington undertook a multi-part process to develop its new SAT program, which will be available in its 260 centers beginning this summer. Its team of experts dissected and analyzed the new test's blueprint to uncover key changes and has created a rigorous curriculum to address them. For example, the team has developed sets of practice math problems covering topics ranging from algebra to data analytics, as well as sample nonfiction reading passages with accompanying questions. Huntington is also creating proprietary instruction to support the SAT's new specifications.

Students seeking test prep at Huntington receive an initial diagnostic assessment that pinpoints exactly which areas the student excels at or lags behind in – down to the skill level. For example, the assessment can reveal if a student struggles with multiplying fractions or reading critically. Each student receives a 13-page analysis, which informs how his personalized, 1:1 test prep program will be designed and delivered and which foundational knowledge needs strengthening. The student is re-assessed throughout his program to determine progress.

Huntington also offers supplementary digital programs – including a series of instructional videos, homework assignments and practice tests – that students can complete at home to reinforce their work in the Huntington center.

"Many of the students who come to our centers tell us that they are anxious about the SAT and feel overwhelmed by test prep options, which is even more apparent with the redesign," said Beverly Collins, Senior Vice President, Educational Support Services for Huntington Learning Center. "At Huntington, we give each student a personalized roadmap that spells out exactly what they need to do, how and when. We work with them hand in hand and show them that, if they work hard, they will deepen their knowledge, boost their confidence and improve their score."

Huntington decided to launch its new SAT program this summer to provide ample support for the students planning to take the redesigned PSAT, a primer for the SAT, in October and the redesigned SAT next March. The PSAT, which is primarily taken by high school sophomores and juniors, is important for students wishing to compete for recognition and scholarships through the National Merit Scholarship Program.

For some students and their parents, the uncertainty of the new design may lead them to take an alternative to the SAT. Huntington also has deep expertise helping students with the ACT®, another college entrance exam that is widely accepted by colleges and universities across the nation and has actually outpaced the SAT in popularity. The ACT format will not be changing, and Huntington will continue to provide test prep programs for this exam as well.

Huntington Learning Center has provided SAT and ACT support to over 100,000 students since the company's inception in 1977. On average, Huntington's test prep students increase 192 points on the SAT and 4.2 points on the ACT in just over two months.

For more information about the redesigned SAT, including key dates and considerations, visit and download a free copy of "Huntington's Guide to the Understanding the Redesigned SAT."

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