GoDaddy Customer Breaches Didn't Have to Happen and Don't Have to Happen to You, Says FireLayers

Cloud Security Gateway Could Have Prevented Domain Hijacking

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. and HERZLIYA, Israel, March 5, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- This week, Cisco threat researchers are reporting a dramatic uptick in Angler Exploit Kit-based attacks connected to compromised GoDaddy domain registry accounts.

FireLayers™ today announced that its GoDaddy security solution protects companies using the GoDaddy domain registration service from the risk of having their domains hijacked by hackers, a technique called domain shadowing.

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GoDaddy, which manages nearly a third of all global domain names used on the Internet, has issued media statements clarifying that it was not breached. It was its customers who allowed their login credentials to be stolen and used to create malicious subdomains, the company explained, accurately stating this is an industry problem for cloud-based service providers.

"GoDaddy is telling it like it is. Cloud security is the responsibility of the enterprise," said FireLayers Co-founder and CEO Yair Grindlinger. "Cloud-based applications and services don't have the security tools necessary to enforce security policies. Many enterprises place mission critical infrastructure services like GoDaddy domain registration, sensitive data and applications on the cloud. They need a secure cloud gateway to protect their corporate assets housed there."

Just like a firewall sits between the corporate user and the Internet, the FireLayers Secure Cloud Gateway sits between cloud apps/services and the corporate user. FireLayers enables enterprises to responsibly and securely leverage cloud applications like GoDaddy, GitHub, ADP, Google Apps, NetSuite, Office 365, Salesforce, TribeHR, Workday and others, as well as customized and homegrown apps built on Amazon Web Services, Azure or

FireLayers focuses on the proactive protection of cloud applications and services. Its secure cloud gateway is built to prevent breaches from happening. Once the risk landscape is reduced, discovery and analysis tools can be used for adaptive learning.

By leveraging the FireLayers Secure Cloud Gateway, an enterprise using GoDaddy, or any other IaaS solution, would benefit from a full suite of security tools, which includes:

  1. Comprehensive protection from phishing, malware and social engineering
  2. Multiple users with custom roles acting under the single IaaS privileged user account
  3. Definition and enforcement of security controls for authentication and authorization
  4. Enhancement of security controls by adding context; device, OS, IP, location and more 
  5. Elimination of out-of-bound access
  6. Granular auditing and behavioral analysis of any and all activity within the protected IaaS solution

"The hacking of GoDaddy accounts is the tip of the iceberg. Currently, all cloud infrastructure; domain registration, hosting, ID management and the list goes on; is poorly secured," said Grindlinger. "The enterprise needs to take control of the security of its corporate assets on the cloud. They represent the organization's critical infrastructure. As a secure cloud gateway, we can do this for GoDaddy or any DNS registry service, as well as other mission critical applications and services."

About the FireLayers Secure Cloud Gateway

The FireLayers Secure Cloud Gateway gives enterprises confidence to securely extend their use of cloud resources. It provides the granular control IT teams need to responsibly adopt cloud applications and create safe zones for employees to work productively while protecting enterprise data, networks and financial transactions from hackers, external threats and accidental risky behavior by employees.


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About FireLayers

FireLayers enables companies to adopt the cloud responsibly, while ensuring security, compliance and governance of any cloud application on any device by any user. The FireLayers Secure Cloud Gateway, its inaugural solution, is the industry's first to leverage XACML-based granular policies to deliver full control over popular apps like Salesforce, Office 365, SuccessFactors, NetSuite and endless others as well as customized and homegrown cloud applications. With its Secure Cloud Gateway, enterprises gain new levels of security, visibility and control across their cloud application landscape.

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