Anonabox Internet privacy device acquired by Sochule, Inc

Privacy device designed to secure Internet anonymity headed to mass production by parent company of HelloTel App


CHICO, Calif., March 11, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Sochule Inc, developers of HelloTel App, have announced the acquisition of Anonabox, a company that designed a device focused on providing security, privacy and freedom for users. Utilizing the Tor Network, this affordable device helps to conceal Web browsing, emails, file sharing, and other digital entrails that typically follow Web activity.

The embedded, plug-and-play Linux device connects to the Internet through the Tor Network and scrambles the user's IP address to create uncensored Web access where Internet sites are blocked or monitored. Utilizing Tor's encryption program, information travels through this network taking random paths, making its origin and destination untraceable. From there, the exit node decrypts the untraceable information and sends it to its destination anonymously. Websites see visitors as visiting from a randomized location that is not identifiable to the device.

The device displays a sleek, custom-built design that can easily be concealed in your pocket. The new version exhibits a special dye-cut with an embossed logo to ensure its unique manufacturing purpose.

The founder of the project, August Germar, has partnered with Sochule, Inc. in the hopes of meeting an increasingly large-scale demand for the product.

"Sochule, Inc. has shown a commitment and understanding of my enthusiasm for this device and its potential," says Mr. Germar. "This isn't just about making things easier for people who use Tor now, but also for those who would like to use Tor but can't for whatever reason. Those are the people we want to help."

"The value of Mr. Germar's expertise and commitment to bringing this product to market is immeasurable," stated Sochule, Inc. CEO Marc Lewis. "This is more of a partnership than an acquisition. We've brought Mr. Germar in-house and he will head up the Research and Development, including all future improvements, for Anonabox."

Sochule, Inc. has been extremely active in recent months, releasing HelloTel App in October 2014 and acquiring Social Media 180 in November 2014. This month they also plan to launch Proximitel, an intuitive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Online Software for hospitality and retail sectors as part of HelloTel.
"Diversification has always been our team's business model, and Anonabox provides an unparalleled platform at which to achieve this," said Mr. Lewis. "Value is in the demand, and the demand is unprecedented."

Sochule, Inc. will hold a public Anonabox exploration session at the annual South By Southwest Festival March 13 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Z'Tejas at 1110 W. 6th Street in Austin, Texas. The public, including journalists and others attending SXSW, are invited to see what Anonabox is all about. Space at the Anonabox exploration session will be limited and RSVPs may be sent to:

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Finally, a promotion is being held for United States resident over 18+ years old that would like a chance to WIN one of ten Anonaboxes. The promotions can be found here:

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