Ashley Amerio of Amerio Law Firm Discusses St. Patrick's Day DUI Patrols

Ashley Amerio of Amerio Law Firm in Sacramento Discusses the Implications of Increased DUI Patrols This St. Patrick's Day Weekend

SACRAMENTO, CA--(Marketwired - Mar 14, 2015) - According to Ashley Amerio of Amerio Law Firm in Sacramento, St. Patrick's Day is one of the most common times for drunk driving arrests. "After St. Patrick's Day, especially when the holiday falls on or near a weekend, we always see an increased number of clients seeking representation for DUI arrests," says Amerio, who heads the criminal defense team at her law firm. "It is very important for everyone to understand the facts about DUI patrols and checkpoints in order to take positive steps to avoid a DUI conviction," Amerio says.

According to Amerio, DUI checkpoints and saturation patrols are increased during most holiday weekends, so it is reasonable to predict that this St. Patrick's Day will be no different. "Even though St. Patrick's Day this year falls on a Tuesday, the weekend before will see many bars, restaurants and other venues hosting parties. It is likely that there will be increased DUI patrols and checkpoints throughout the weekend and on Monday and Tuesday as well," says Amerio.

Amerio advises those who may be drinking to avoid driving. "The simplest way to avoid a DUI is not to get behind the wheel," says Amerio. However, if a person must drive and is stopped at a checkpoint or by a patrol officer, there are also things to keep in mind that can cut down on the chances of being arrested or charged with DUI. First, drivers should remember to be polite and cooperative but not to volunteer any information. "You are not required to answer any questions about how much you have been drinking or to perform field sobriety tests," notes Amerio. However, drivers are legally obligated to submit to blood, breath or urine tests for alcohol and drugs due to California's implied consent law.

Those who are arrested for DUI have the right to have an attorney present during questioning. Ashley Amerio and the attorneys at Amerio Law Firm in Sacramento advise clients to ask for an attorney immediately upon being placed under arrest in order to minimize the chances of being charged with or convicted of DUI.

About Amerio Law Firm: Ashley Amerio and the attorneys at Amerio Law Firm in Sacramento provide representation for clients charged with all types of crimes, including DUI.

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