Webfortis Launches RELAY, a Ready-to-Go Customer Service Platform

An end-to-end customer engagement product that delivers a solution-in-a-box using Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Parature, and Unified Service Desk (USD)

Walnut Creek, California, UNITED STATES

Walnut Creek, CA, March 16, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Webfortis, (www.webfortis.com) thought leaders in Microsoft Dynamics CRM innovation, best practices, and social strategy, announced today the launch of RELAY, a multi-channel customer service platform built on Microsoft technologies to deliver world-class capabilities to any size organization. RELAY allows businesses to address their customer service needs based on their desired engagement channel. RELAY provides a ready to go solution that integrates Unified Service Desk (USD) with Parature by Microsoft, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and CTI/IVR integration. It allows for a 360 degree view of the customer, regardless of the method, to help resolve issues quickly and scales to organization's needs.

"RELAY allows organizations to deliver a seamless customer service experience to every customer." said Marc Wolenik, CEO of Webfortis. "Parature by Microsoft delivers new customer engagement journey paths, and with this technology, combined with Unified Service Desk (USD) and telephony, we are excited to offer a complete solution for customers of all sizes."

Webfortis recognizes that every customer experience is important and must be seamless in today's world in order for organizations to build trust and loyalty. With RELAY, the customer is the focus, so that businesses can efficiently deliver support the right way each time. The customer service platform can address customer's specific needs no matter how simple or complex they might be.

The product delivers multi-channel support to accommodate today's diverse customer service needs via social media, email, web, mobile, chat and phone. It offers intelligent routing based on pre-defined rules to get customers to the right agent the first time while also recognizing customer service level agreements. RELAY can be easily integrated to your existing CTI/IVR solution for call routing/deflection or comes with its own optional CTI/IVR capability.  

"With RELAY, organizations are able to better serve their customers more efficiently and effectively." -Sam Thepvongs, Federal Practice Manager

For more information, contact Sam Thepvongs at samt@webfortis.com, or visit http://www.webfortis.com/portfolio-view/relay/.

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