SDRI Appoints GM Medical as Master Distributor for SYNERGY DISC in Asia-Pacific

TORONTO, March 24, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Synergy Disc Replacement, Inc. ("SDRI" or "the Company"), developers of the SYNERGY DISC and alternative spine technologies, announced today the signing of a seven-year agreement appointing GM Medical Pacific Limited ("GM Medical") the exclusive master distributor of the Company's SYNERGY DISC in the Asia-Pacific region.

The SYNERGY DISC is the world's first cervical disc replacement that is designed specifically to actively correct pre-operative deformity, prevent post-operative misalignment, and provide optimal stability for multi-level procedures. The SYNERGY DISC incorporates a revolutionary geometric design, offering multiple alignment corrections to provide surgeons with reliable and precise control of lordosis and sagittal balance.

"The SYNERGY DISC is an extremely versatile cervical disc replacement that is well suited for global markets. We are thrilled to be partnering with GM Medical, who has a strong reputation for bringing the most innovative medical devices to Asia-Pacific," commented SDRI's Chief Executive Officer, Devesh Menawat. "Asia-Pacific includes the fastest emerging markets in the World. GM Medical's existing relations with top medical centers and vast experience in orthopedics will help drive adoption of the SYNERGY DISC at an accelerated rate."

China, Japan, India, Australia, and South Korea are the top five economies of the 17 countries served by GM Medical in Asia-Pacific. GM Medical distributes orthopedic devices for leading medical device companies, as well as offering training and registration support.

"To be successful, you have to bring the right product to the [Asia-Pacific] market," said Patrick Choi, the founder and President of GM Medical. "Beyond motion preservation, the clinically proven restoration of alignment and sagittal balance is what separates the SYNERGY DISC from other offerings and greatly benefits the patient. This makes the SYNERGY DISC the perfect addition to our spine product portfolio."

"As registrations complete in each of the Asia-Pacific countries, we expect our agreement with GM Medical to have a continuous ramp up effect on revenue over the life of the contract," added SDRI President Glenn Webb. "What is most important is the size of these markets for spine products, combined with GM Medical's knowledge of how to build markets. We believe that the disc replacement market is still in its infancy in the Asia-Pacific region. We are certain that in the near future, the Asia-Pacific region will prove extremely valuable to SDRI's business."

SYNERGY is CE Marked and is currently being distributed in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. SYNERGY DISC is a registered trademark of SDRI.

About GM Medical Pacific Limited

GM Medical is based in Vancouver, Canada with a Distribution and Logistic Center in Hong Kong where products are held pending delivery to customers in Asia-Pacific. Patrick Choi, the founder and President of GM Medical has over 30 years of experience in medical sales and proven track record of success in distributing products in the Asia-Pacific region for such companies as Johnson & Johnson, Guidant, Boston Scientific, Stryker, Aesculap, Welch Allyn, Schering AG and others. GM Medical has a history of developing Asia-Pacific markets and driving the rapid adoption of many innovative new products and procedures including beating heart surgery, the first bare metal stent, first video endoscope, the first trans-myocardial revascularization laser product, the first left ventricular assist device and the first percutaneous ventricular restoration device.

About SDRI

Synergy Disc Replacement, Inc. (SDRI), headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, delivers alternative spinal technology solutions to solve complex surgical problems. The SDRI family of products includes the SYNERGY DISC. SYNERGY is the first and only artificial cervical disc to unite the needs for sagittal balance and motion, making it the only viable alternative to fusion in patients with pre-operative spine alignment issues.

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