AWeber Releases Easy-to-Use Features to Help Boost your Business

(Special Characters Added to Your Emails and Faster List Import Process)

Chalfont, Pennsylvania, UNITED STATES

CHALFONT, PA., March 25, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- AWeber - Email Marketing, is pleased to announce the addition of two new, easy-to-use features now available to your email marketing toolbox. The new features include, the ability to send emails across the globe, in any language and the flexibility to import your email lists without requiring subscribers to opt-in again.

"We are thrilled to deliver these new product features to our customers," said AWeber's Director of Product, Joe Cotellese. "We know that running a business is a ton of work. Anything we can do to give them more time in their days and make their lives easier is what we strive to do."

AWeber will now enable customers to send emails to their email marketing lists in any language using unicode, otherwise known as foreign characters. This new feature completely eliminates the need to leave email subscribers to translate messages on their own.

"When you take the time to send emails in your subscribers' native language, it really shows that you value them," said Cotellese. "It's going to help increase the trust between you and your customers."

This new feature also allows you to add emoticons (or emojis) that can be used to compliment your content. Interacting in a fun way with your audience will leave customers with a more memorable impression of your brand.

Importing your email list with AWeber also just got easier. COI or confirmed opt-in, is an industry standard that reduces the risk of spam complaints from people on your list and ensures optimum deliverability. Customers can now import their subscribers into the AWeber software, without requiring them to opt-in a second time. While your list still needs to be healthy in order to send emails with AWeber, customers can now import them quickly and worry-free.

For more information about AWeber's newest product releases, check out their blog here.

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