Celebrities Help Student Generate Global Sales For His Handmade Mineral Makeup Line

Without Spending A Single Dime On Endorsing Them, The Products Became An Overnight Success With The Help Of A Few Kind Celebrities.

pasadena, California, UNITED STATES

Los Angeles, CA, April 7, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The press is a powerful outlet for startup small business owners to attract new customers, and just one celebrity can make or break a company overnight.With the worldwide spotlight on them, hearing a celebrity mutter the name of a company even once can produce a massive increase in sales. According to Forbes Magazine, having a celebrity endorsing a brand can instantly raise sales a whopping 25% immediately after signing. Ryan Zamo, a 25-year-old college student, has now witnessed first hand the amount of awareness celebrities can bring to a product.

The young entrepreneur began creating organic skincare and hair care products in his kitchen last year, to help fight his own acne and hair loss problems. Today, Zamo is the CEO of his own highly successful company Z Skin Cosmetics, which has already been awarded numerous awards around the world for its price and efficiency. After the successful launch of his organic skincare and hair care products, it was reported that the young entrepreneur had been turning down multi-million-dollar offers to sell his secrets behind his successful formulas.

Just this week, Zamo launched Zz Organic Mineral Makeup, and today is happily relishing in extraordinary amounts of worldwide sales, he told us, "I guess one good thing about living in Los Angeles is knowing a bunch of celebrities. I was having dinner with a few of my friends, who happen to be pretty big TV stars and singers, and brought up the fact that I launched my mineral makeup line. I didn't even ask them to help, nor did they tell me they were going to, but when I got home that night I was staring at an unimaginable number of orders I'd received." And just like that, the mineral makeup line shot to the top, with sales continuing to pour in every hour. 

With his currently succesful organic skincare and hair care products, it looks like the support of his celebrity friends is going to help this young entreprenuer find himself on top of yet another organic industry very soon. 

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