Low VA Rates gets four Loan Officers on the Scotsman Guide's Top Originators of 2014 - Is there a better way to bring VA loan benefits to our nation's veterans?

According to www.nationalmortgagenews.com, only 12% of active-duty service members and veterans have a loan guaranteed by the Department of Veterans Affairs. The VA reports that only 35.4% of VA-eligible borrowers say that they understand the VA Home Loan Guaranty.

LINDON, Utah, April 13, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- As the value the VA loan program offers to veterans increases, utilization and awareness of the program remains low and is only slowly increasing. The monetary value that the VA loan program offers veterans is second only to the GI Bill, and yet veterans are consistently not turning to it when they are looking for suitable housing. There may be many reasons why this is the case, but the two most impactful are a lack of awareness among active-duty service members and veterans, and an unwillingness by lenders to jump the extra hoops required to help a borrower use a VA loan instead of a conventional. Low VA Rates has made it their mission to solve these two problems.

Although many veterans and active-duty service members are planning on using conventional loans and have no reason to believe that there is a home loan program included in their veterans benefits package, most would be excited to learn they could buy a home with no down payment and a lower interest rate. Low VA Rates is hard at work fighting to raise awareness about the VA loan program and its benefits among eligible borrowers, and it seems to be working; Four of Low VA Rates' loan officers made the Scotsman Guide of Top Originators in 2014.

Scotsman Guide is a leading provider of information, resources, and tools for professionals in the mortgage industry, and each year they publish a list of the 25 loan officers that have done the most volume in VA loans. Through hiring only the best loan officers and providing them with the best resources, Low VA Rates has achieved representation on the Top Originators list by four loan officers.
When asked how they accomplished so much loan volume, each of the four officers attributed their success partially to the fact that Low VA Rates does not focus its energy and efforts any other types of home loans besides VA. This is one way that Low VA Rates is fighting to address the low utilization of the VA loan program - by being a willing lender that will do whatever it takes to help veterans get a VA loan. Low VA Rates is also working to build awareness by proactively mailing informational fliers to veterans alerting them of their VA loan benefits and the current rates they may qualify for. They are also dedicating resources to building up a veritable wealth of free information on both a blog and a YouTube channel for veterans to take advantage of - regardless of whether the veteran uses Low VA Rates for their loan.
Nathan Wathen, one of the loan officers to make the Scotsman Guide list, says his message to veterans would be, "Take advantage of your VA entitlement. The VA loan is by far the best loan program out there today. You have the ability to do 100% financing and have no monthly mortgage insurance. You can also refinance very easily when rates drop through the VA's IRRRL program." 


LowVARates.com is dedicated to serving veteran homeowners. We specialize in providing VA-guaranteed loans to qualified veterans for mortgage purchases and refinances. The VA loan program offers lower interest rates and monthly payments than conventional loans, and even offers no-money-down options. LowVARates.com is one of the nation's leading websites for VA loan information and is dedicated to assisting all the men and women of the United States Military, both active and retired. We have built a reputation of serving those that have served us, and doing everything we can to ensure homeownership for all. Our professional staff and loan officers will assist you with locking in low interest rates and taking advantage of the unique opportunities available through VA loans. 

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