Diet Doc's Alternative to Risky Weight Loss Surgery Does Not Include Pain, Suffering, Hospital Stays or Personal Doctor Visits

Diet Doc Offers Patients Throughout the Country a Painless Alternative to Weight Loss Surgery With Doctor-Designed, Medical Weight Loss Programs That, Unlike Risky Surgery, Enables Their Patients to Realize Results Within Days

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BIRMINGHAM, Ala., April 20, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The country is seeing an influx of patient requests for weight loss surgery. Surprisingly, many more people of advanced ages are turning to what they believe is their final option to finally lose weight. The state of Alabama alone reports Medicare reimbursed weight loss surgery topping 1.17 million dollars in the last five years. And, while everyone deserves the opportunity to lose weight and to become healthier, both physically and emotionally, weight loss surgery is not always the safest and best alternative. Experts agree that as patients, age, recovery from any type of surgery can be more difficult and pose increased risks for infection, bleeding, clotting and even death.

The weight loss surgery approval process is typically very slow. Some patients weigh too much to undergo surgery and must prove their capability to lose weight, while others have to gain to make them a candidate. Aside from the red tape, many patients are disappointed with the slow weight loss results. Food is oftentimes required to be finely ground to prevent vomiting, medication is needed for post-surgery pain and numerous doctor visits are required.

Diet Doc's medical weight loss programs do not include pain, suffering, hospital stays or countless visits to weight loss clinics. In fact, more and more patients are turning to the company because their modern approach includes powerful diet products that, not only target old, stored fat, forcing its release into the bloodstream to be quickly burned and flushed from the system, enabling patients to see results within days, while also eliminating the typical dieting side effects, allowing patients to focus completely on reaching their ideal body weight without headaches, fatigue, hunger or cravings.

Diet Doc has become a leader in the medical weight loss industry, delivering safe, effective and fast weight loss results to people in any part of the country. New patients can simply call the company or visit to complete a health questionnaire, schedule an online doctor consultation, work closely with nutritionists to create meal and snack plans that are unique to age, gender, nutritional and medical needs, participate in weekly checkup calls, reorder their prescription diet products, and reach out to their team of experts without leaving the comfort of their own home.

Diet Doc's scientifically designed medical weight loss programs have helped thousands of desperate dieters throughout the country and have earned a reputation of trust, reliability and positive weight loss results. Diet Doc encourages those who are considering resorting to potentially dangerous weight loss surgery to call today.


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