GlobalView Releases Innovative Proprietary Data Hub Solution

CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwired - Apr 23, 2015) - GlobalView, the leading provider of enterprise-wide market data solutions for the energy and commodity industries, is pleased to announce the release of MarketView® Proprietary Data Hub, an innovative solution that allows organizations to manage their own proprietary data while still benefiting from MarketView's cost-effective and time-saving solutions for real-time and historical commodity market data.

The MarketView Proprietary Data Hub allows organizations to store, manage and distribute highly sensitive proprietary data from their own environment while leveraging in parallel the benefits of MarketView's SaaS-based architecture for exchange, price reporting agency, broker and public commodity market information.

Customers of the MarketView Proprietary Data Hub may utilize in-line formulas and user-defined formulas to easily blend proprietary data with traditional commodity market data in MarketView Desktop™, ExcelTools, Mobile, and Data Integration solutions.

"The MarketView Proprietary Data Hub is a unique solution for the market data industry and for those that require a secure storage and retrieval mechanism for highly sensitive proprietary data," says Chris Harrison, GlobalView's Chief Product Officer. "We're incredibly excited about this new offering and the flexibility that it provides for blending real-time commodity and proprietary data in an enterprise-wide solution."

The Proprietary Data Hub can be installed locally behind an organization's firewall or in a cloud-based environment such as Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure. The service acts as a proxy and routes all requests for proprietary data to the Hub, while dynamically redirecting all queries for traditional data to the GlobalView data centers. The Hub includes a web-service API that allows administrators to bulk load proprietary data as well as manage end-user permissions, including the ability to create groups.

About GlobalView
GlobalView's MarketView solution aggregates mission-critical real-time, historical and internal proprietary commodity market data into a single platform for use on an enterprise-wide basis. GlobalView provides front-, mid- and back-office solutions and offers one of the only SaaS-based solutions in the market, delivering unprecedented levels of portability and accessibility to customers while working in the office, at home or on the road traveling. With offices in Chicago, Houston, London and Singapore, GlobalView provides prompt and comprehensive support to customers around the world.

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