NDIA Chairman MajGen Arnold Punaro, USMC (Ret.) Comments on Secretary Carter's Drell Lecture

Arlington, Virginia, UNITED STATES

ARLINGTON, Va., April 23, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- "Secretary Carter is making significant progress on the strategic priorities he outlined at the beginning of his tenure. Today's Drell Lecture accompanied by concrete initiatives is a game-changer towards harnessing the entrepreneurial genius of American industry and providing a realistic and achievable strategy in the incredibly complex cyber world.

The Secretary understands, as the defense industry does, that we have the world's finest military for three reasons: superior personnel, realistic and constant training, and cutting-edge technology. All three are necessary to the force of the future, which is another of Secretary Carter's strategic priorities.

We welcome Secretary Carter's approach with open arms, but we also recognize that significant institutional and cultural barriers remain—in Congress, in the Department, and in industry, both traditional and non-traditional suppliers. We commit to breaking down our own barriers and look forward to working with Congress and the Department to breaking down theirs. Secretary Carter's initiatives represent a positive and necessary step in removing those barriers.

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