Batavia Biosciences - A new name, in keeping with a recognised market position


LEIDEN, The Netherlands, April 24, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Batavia Bioservices announces its decision to change its name to Batavia Biosciences as of April 23, 2015. The change will coincide with the launch of a new website and multimedia communication strategy.

Since its establishment in 2009, the company has experienced rapid growth and has established itself as a globally recognised and reliable partner for biotech companies, large pharmaceutical companies, government agencies, and academia.

Batavia Biosciences is recognized for the added value that the company brings to its partnerships, utilizing in-depth knowledge of developing and manufacturing complex biopharmaceuticals, including recombinant proteins, antibodies, vaccines and vectors. The unique technologies the company possesses including STEPTM and SCOUTTM also facilitate accelerated product development at reduced cost and a significant increase in the success of an ultimate product launch.

"Our new name, Batavia Biosciences, better reflects the added value and scientific support that our company brings to our partners as well as our R&D staff's efforts in developing exciting novel technologies to accelerate biopharmaceutical product development," commented Menzo Havenga, CEO. "Our highly educated and experienced R&D staff is well recognised for their intellectual input in solving challenges early on in the process of developing novel or biosimilar biopharmaceuticals," added Chris Yallop, COO.

Vincent Franssen Commercial Director, Europe & Asia: "The name change is in keeping with a new and clear positioning of Batavia Biosciences' scientific contribution to our customers biotechnology projects." A multimedia communication strategy will be rolled out over the coming months. We encourage you to visit our new website

About Batavia Biosciences

Batavia Biosciences ( ) aims to significantly contribute to ease human suffering from disease by improving the success rate in the translation of candidate medicines from discovery to the clinic. We offer our novel technologies and in depth know how in order to help our sponsors to complete their preclinical phases in biopharmaceutical product development at higher speed, reduced cost and increased success. The company focuses on the early stages of product development including mammalian cell line generation, upstream process development (mammalian & microbial), purification development, product characterization and clinical manufacturing. Headquartered in Leiden, The Netherlands, with a US-based facility in Woburn, Massachusetts, and offices in Hong Kong, Batavia Biosciences is privileged to have strong strategic partners worldwide. For more information you can contact Vincent Franssen, Commercial Director.

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