Kentucky Derby Horse "War Story" Adds To The Miraculous Underdog Tale Of Its 25-Year-Old Owner

The incredible story behind the 25-year-old owner proves that impossible doesn't exist.

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Los Angeles, CA, April 27, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- As many spend a lifetime and a fortune to never see their horse run in the legendary derby, the 25-year-old has now done it twice, adding to what seems to be one of the most mind-bending success stories ever told.    

On April 27th, 2015 Ryan Zamo will offically celebrate his 26th birthday, and within the past 6 months, he has become an international success story and a leader in the organic skincare industry with his company Z Skin Cosmetics. Zamo started creating organic skincare and hair care products just last year in his kitchen as a cost-efficient solution to his cystic acne, his hair loss and his moms nagging desire to get plastic surgery.

Within a year his handmade organic products would go on to be named "Product Of The Year" by the Wall Street Journal, "Best New Affordable Skincare Line" by The Daily News, "The Next Proactiv And Clinique" by MSNBC News and the winner of multiple other prestigious awards around the world. Today his products have produced some of the most unprecedented results ever seen for wrinkles, acne and hair loss, making him and his company a globally recognized name.

Zamo also began his second adventure last year by taking a shot in the dark with his first horse Ria Antonia, who left him and the rest of the world blind sided as she went on to become a powerhouse and a legend in horse racing history. In November 2013, Ria Antonia crushed the 30-1 odds against her in her first race ever, winning the highest honer in horse racing and becoming The Breeders Cup champion. The mesmerizing horse proved she was unstoppable, and took the young enreprenuer on his first trip to the Kentucky Derby.

Now, War Story "The Allen Iverson" of horse racing, is Zamo's second horse set to take on the derby. The newest addition to his horse lineup has already been victorious in multiple high-stakes races this year, including The Fair Grounds in New Orleans and The Churchhill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky.

Ryan Zamo has had an incredible year as a 25-year-old, and if his past begins to repeat itself, it will be quite a ride for the now 26-year-old international success story. 

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Zamo Captured Here Celebrating After His First Horse Won The Breeders Cup

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