Young Entrepreneurs' Enormous Success After Re-Branding Leading European Cellulite Treatment

After losing almost 40lbs, he took the expensive in-office procedure used by European doctors and made it an affordable at-home system.

pasadena, California, UNITED STATES

Los Angeles, CA, April 28, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Removing cellulite is the #1 reason people contemplate going under the knife for cosmetic surgery. Studies have also proven that having cellulite treated as it appears is the key to keeping it from re-forming again in the future. European doctors have already made a fortune on the high priced in-office treatment they offer to clients to eliminate the dimple-like appearances, often found on the legs, thighs and buttock.

The procedure works by using potent ingredients derived from plants to liquefy the fat deposits under the skin and successfully push them out of the body. Similar procedures have been created using lasers and harmful rays of light to penetrate the skin, bringing serious downtime and often-undesired side effects such as burns and rashes. Now, the high priced European procedure has been renamed, re-branded and released at a fraction of the price by an intelligent young American entrepreneur.

The inspired young mogul set out to bring the expensive procedure to America, priced for everyday consumers. His company Z Skin Cosmetics has re-branded the treatment as "Fossettes", and it has become an over night sensation. Already a leader for organic skincare, hair care and mineral makeup, Z Skin Cosmetics has been named "Product Of The Year" by The Wall Street Journal, "Best New Affordable Skincare Line" by The Daily News and has won multiple other awards around the world for its low-priced and high performance products. 

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