Diet Doc Develops New Diet Plans Specializing in Helping Those With Food Addictions and Emotional Eating Disorders Lose Weight and Break Bad Habits

Diet Doc's Diet Plans Work Because They Are Not One-Size-Fits-All, but Are Tailored to Fit the Personal Needs and Circumstances of Each Patient

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HOUSTON, April 29, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Diet Doc recognizes that many people throughout the country find solace in food. For many, chocolate, sugar laden, and high carbohydrate comfort foods temporarily provide calm during stressful times. Known as "emotional eating", this mood-driven dependency on food can sabotage even the best weight loss intentions. Fortunately, Diet Doc specializes in the science of nutrition and weight loss, enabling them to develop diet plans geared directly toward helping those whose weight has gotten out of control due to food addictions or emotional eating disorders.

Patients begin breaking their emotional eating disorder by working closely with Diet Doc's team of doctors, nurses and nutritionists. During a private, online consultation, a Diet Doc physician reviews the entire system to identify and address metabolic changes, hormonal imbalances, cellular toxicity or increased stress levels that may be causing weight gain or preventing weight loss. This close personal attention enables the doctors to really listen to each patient, allowing them to design diet plans that are specific to each patient's lifestyle while being compatible with age, gender, nutritional needs and medical conditions.

Each patient receives a written report of the doctor's findings, along with recommendations for the best method of weight loss. Because each patient's circumstance is carefully evaluated, the doctor is better able to incorporate the diet products and supplements that work best to help patients over the initial weight loss hurdles by curbing appetite, controlling hunger and eliminating fatigue. Diet Doc's specially formulated Saffron Extract or Oxytocin may be prescribed for those with emotional eating disorders to promote calm, reduce stress levels and help patients escape their addiction to comfort foods. To accelerate weight loss, Diet Doc's prescription hormone diet treatments, proprietary diet pills, appetite suppressants and powerful fat burners may be prescribed to search out stored fat in the hard to reach places to be released into the bloodstream, burned and quickly flushed from the system.

Diet Doc's partnership with Telemedicine enables those in even the most remote areas of the country to personally consult with the staff and schedule weekly checkup calls without leaving the comfort of their home. Diet products, supplements, and even diet foods, can be easily reordered via the phone or internet for direct delivery to each patient's home.

Diet Doc urges those who are struggling with emotional eating disorders or food addictions to call today and join over 25,000 patients who report losing 20 pounds or more per month by following the leadership and guidance of the Diet Doc team.

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