Skincare Mogul And Pop Super Star Breaks His Silence About The Controversial Press-Fueled Fire Storm Surrounding His Kentucky Derby Horse

For more than a week, the 26-year-old actor, singer and CEO of his internationally selling organic cosmetics company has been under attack. Now he is finally ready to open up about the truth behind it all.

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Los Angeles,CA / Louisville, KY, May 5, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Ryan Zamo hit press headlines last week after an article surfaced highlighting the amazing over night success story of the 26-year-old. The article focused on his Hollywood achievement story, the mind-bending growth of his luxury organic cosmetic company and part ownership of the Kentucky Derby horse "War Story". The article went on to accelerate a press-fueled firestorm attacking the talented 26-year-old.

The talented young pop superstar, actor, and CEO of Z Skin Cosmetics, his internationally selling luxury organic cosmetics company told us, "There were rumors started that I was doing this deliberately and I was trying to take all credit for the horse and steal the spotlight. That is not who I am and that is not the truth. The article wasn't written to try and take any credit away from the rest of the owners".

The controversial article had the remaining owner furious with the 26-year-old, as it never mentioned any other names besides Ryan Zamo. When asked why he kept his silence about it, Zamo said "I tried to make a public apology because I saw how the article could have been misunderstood, but my statements just made everything worse".

Zamo appeared by himself as he arrived on the red carpet at the Kentucky Derby this past Saturday, while the remaining owners were seen without him walking with the horse before the race. The 26-year-old refused any interviews on the carpet, he said "I knew as soon as I stepped foot on the red carpet everyone would want to know why I came alone. I decided to decline interviews so I can make sure the truth got out and another media circus didn't start".

Zamo also added, "I truthfully love each of them, and I am hoping we can reconcile and move on. I'm sorry that I made everyone upset, and it is definitely a lesson learned for me."

Ryan Zamo was named "The artist to watch in 2015" by Billboard Music, he has sold records worldwide, has been in movies, on television shows, talk shows and in magazines worldwide. Zamo also started an organic cosmetic empire from his kitchen, becoming an internationally recognized brand in under a year. His products have been named "Product of the year" by The Wall Street Journal, "Best New Affordable
Cosmetics Line" by CNBC and have won multiple other awards around the world. The release of his newest single "Summer Of '09" was his highest charting song to date. 

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