Learning Express Toys Reveals Its Summer Top Toys

BOSTON, May 7, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Learning Express Toys released its list of 2015 Summer Top Toys, all of which make terrific gifts at reasonable prices! The lineup features great items for outdoor play, as well as toys you're sure to love on rainy days! Visit your neighborhood Learning Express Toys location for the best selection of fun, educational toys with exceptional play value. While there, check out the demos for each of our

Top Toys listed below.

Craft-Tastic String Art Kit

Features all of the materials that children need to create colorful string canvases. Push pins into sturdy foam canvases and wrap them with colored string to construct included designs or create something new. Ages 10 +

NEW! Craft-Tastic Paper Bowl Kit

Make decorative bowls using only paper and glue. Includes three different sizes of reusable plastic bowl forms, 120 patterned paper circles, and water-based glue. Ages 8+

NEW! Screamin' 30-Foot Water Slide

Provides a slick surface that children can slide over before landing in the splash pool. The durable material supports riders up to 110 pounds. Ages 5 +

Summer Bridge Activities Workbooks

Engaging practice activities for math and language arts skills can be completed in just 15 minutes during each weekday of summer vacation. Kids stay active and healthy by moving and thinking. Bonus flash cards and an online companion are part of the program. Ages 4 +

Hop & Squeak Pogo Jumper

The built in squeaker squeaks with every hop. This pogo jumper made of soft foam and rugged, stretchy bungee material can be used either inside or outside. Ages 3 +

Tiki Toss

Bring this hook-and-ring game home and enjoy endless fun for all ages, while testing your skills. All hardware and easy setup instructions are included.

Sands Alive Starter Set

Unleash your children's creativity with easy-to-mold play sand that holds its form. Feel the sand run through your fingers and water. The unique formula is nontoxic and antibacterial, isn't sticky, and doesn't stain. Ages 3+


Follow Simon's pattern of lights and sounds if you can. As the game progresses, patterns increase in complexity. The LCD counter keeps track of the high sore. Ages 7 +

Simon Electronic Handheld Game

The classic electronic game of memory is back—in mini size. Clip the convenient carabineer on and take the game wherever you go. Keep up with the ever-increasing sequences of lights and sounds as you attempt to outwit Simon. Ages 7 +

Spirograph Design Tin

A travel-friendly kit, the Spirograph Tin includes guides, pen, and paper. Create endless custom designs! Ages 8+

NEW! 3D PlushCraft Kits

Use the stylus to punch fabric pieces into the 3D sculpture. Ages 5 +

NEW! Bellz

Bellz is deceptively simple and yet supremely challenging at the same time. Players use the magnetic wand to pick up bells of only one color at a time. The first player to collect all 10 bells of one color wins! For two to four players. Ages 6 +


Smakaball has the amazing ability to allow people to make an exhilarating catch by snatching the ball right out of the air in a seemingly magical way on land and in the water. Ages 6+

TY Plush

Collect these adorable, cuddly plush. No one can resist them! Ages 3+

Learning Express Toys is the nation's leading franchisor of educational toy stores with more than 120 locations across the country - each one locally owned and operated. Providing an extraordinary shopping experience, Learning Express Toys is best known for its knowledgeable and playful sales staff and its unique product mix (birth – age 14). Believing that everyone who walks through the doors should be WOWED, Learning Express Toys focuses on the customer experience.

A birthday gift registry, free gift wrapping, free personalization, civic fundraising and regularly scheduled children's events contribute to the exceptional customer service and energetic atmosphere.


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