From Addict To International Success Story; The Heroic Saga Behind An Extraordinary Young Entrepreneur

2 years ago he was given a second chance at life, today the clean-and-sober 26-year-old has become a global leader for organic cosmetics.

pasadena, California, UNITED STATES

West Hollywood, CA, May 7, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Ryan Zamo has built an organic cosmetic empire from his kitchen in the past 6 months, while he has made international headlines for his incredible success story, the young entrepreneur has never opened up about his devastating past…until now.

"I struggled with addiction since I was 17, I had so many demons and so much hate towards the world, I really never saw an end in sight", the 26-year-old told us. But, just 2 years ago, it seems fate intervened and Zamo was given a second shot at life, he said "I finally decided to get help, it was my last chance, I was going to die if I didn't. When I checked into rehab, the doctors told me if I didn't get clean and sober now, I would be dead within weeks. I think that was a real wakeup call for me".

Today the now 26-year-old, has gone on to build one of the fastest growing organic cosmetics companies in the world. His knowledge and success in organics is tied to his parents deep rooted history with horticulture, Zamo told us "I had so much anger and sadness from my childhood, so its absolutely amazing that after I got clean and sober I was able to became so close to my parents, and they really played a key role in my companies success story".

Now CEO of his company Z Skin Cosmetics, the 26-year-old has taken the organic cosmetic industry by storm. Among being recognized internationally, his products have been named "Product Of The Year" by The Wall Street Journal, "Best New Affordable Skincare System" by MSNBC and "The Next Proactiv And Clinique" by NBC News.

Pulling from his past, Ryan Zamo has sought out to try and help his customers as much as possible, he said "Even though its not quite the same, I am dedicated to helping others because I'll never forget the feeling I had when I was helped, and that is something I will always remember". Zamo answers each email, phone call and inquiry personally, trying to provide as much personal advice on his products and answer any questions his customers may have.

Just 2 years ago, Ryan Zamo was struggling with his battle over addiction, today he has gone on to inspire many, and build one of the largest organic cosmetics companies in the world, proving that it is never too late for a second chance at life. 


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