Andes Partners With eMemory to Provide Hardware Security Solution for the Internet of Things Market

AndesCore(TM) Security Architecture Combined With eMemory's One-Time Programmable Silicon IP Hardens IoT Device From Hacking Attacks

HSINCHU, TAIWAN--(Marketwired - May 12, 2015) - Andes Technology Corporation, the leading Asia-based suppliers of small, low-power, high performance 32-bit embedded CPU cores, today announced a partnership with eMemory (Stock Code: 3529) a global leader in logic non-volatile memory (Logic NVM) and silicon intellectual property (Silicon IP), to provide a hardware security solution for designers building Internet of Things system on chip (SoC) devices. The AndesCore™ S801 energy-efficient processor core with secure MPU (Memory Protection Unit) provides hardware mechanisms for code and data protection and a comprehensive protocol to manage privilege levels. The eMemory one-time programmable (OTP) NeoFuse silicon IP provides secure storage for encryption keys and other mission critical data. Together CPU and OTP silicon IP make SoC in Internet of Things highly resistant to hacking.

"We are pleased to join with Andes in providing a hacker-resistant solution to SoC designers building silicon for IoT applications," eMemory President, Dr. Rick Shen stated. "Unlike conventional ICs with metal-fuse or poly-fuse based architectures, eMemory's Logic NVM IP uses anti-fuse structures that prevent reverse-engineering to effectively protect data from detection and interpolation. The advanced security level of eMemory's NeoFuse silicon IP has achieved Conditional Access (CA) certification. Of added importance to the IoT market, eMemory's OTP silicon IP offers 125°C/10 years industry-grade high-temperature data retention ability, which is ideal for products with stringent operational conditions and performance demands."

"This partnership will provide SoC designers a solution not available from other CPU core suppliers," declared Andes' CTO and SVP of R&D, Dr. Charlie Hong-Men Su. "We are thrilled that eMemory has joined with us to make this offering to our joint customers. The Andes S8 product series with its compact 3-stage pipeline comes with AndeStar V3m architecture containing a Security Extension Micro Profile, offering hardware protection for program codes and data to prevent side-channel attacks. This combined CPU and OTP silicon IP solution is ideal for SoC designs targeting NFC, smart cards, bank cards, health cards, e-passports, smart meters, sensor hubs, smart locks, smart home, and wearables."

About the AndesCore S8 processor
The Andes Technology S8 processor is a new CPU core architecture based on the compute engine in the N8 core, but with added functionality to address security from hacking. The secure memory protection unit (MPU) at the center of the S8 strictly protects the execution and access of program and data at multiple security levels. The S8 also provides functions not found on competing 32-bit CPU core offerings, including data and address scrambling and differential power analysis protection. The first defends against hacks that target the interface between CPU and memory. The second guards against hacking the program by observing the power use signature of the CPU. For a YouTube presentation from CTO and SVP of R&D, Dr. Charlie Hong-Men Su with more information on the S8, please click here

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About eMemory:
eMemory (Stock Code: 3529) is a global leader in logic process embedded non-volatile memory (eNVM) silicon IP. Since established in 2000, eMemory has been devoted to research and development of innovative technologies, offering the industry's most comprehensive platforms of patented eNVM IP solutions include NeoBit (OTP Silicon IP), NeoFuse (Anti-Fuse OTP Silicon IP), NeoMTP (1,000+ Times Programmable Silicon IP), NeoFlash (10,000+ Times Programmable Silicon IP), and NeoEE (100,000+ Times Programmable Silicon IP) to semiconductor foundries, integrated devices manufacturers (IDMs) and fabless design houses worldwide. eMemory's eNVM silicon IPs support a wide range of applications including trimming, function selection, code storage, parameter setting, encryption, and identification setting. The company has the world's largest NVM engineering team and prides itself on providing partners a full-service solution that sees the integration of eMemory eNVM IP from initial design stages through fabrication. For more information about eMemory, please visit

About Andes Technology Corporation
Andes Technology Corporation is a leader in developing high-performance/low-power 32-bit processors and its associated SoC platforms to serve the rapidly growing embedded system applications worldwide. The company's broad and deep technical expertise in microprocessor, system architecture, operating system, software tool chain development, and SoC VLSI implementation enables designers to shorten their time-to-market with quality designs. In addition, Andes' innovative configurable platform solution allows design teams to construct unique system architecture and hardware/software partitioning to achieve the optimal SoC. For more information about Andes, please visit

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