Digication Brings Verified Digital Badges and Credentials Into Learner ePortfolios Through Powerful Integration With Credly

Inclusion of Certified Evidence of Skills and Achievements Enhances Learners' Ability to Showcase Capabilities and Connect With New Opportunities

PROVIDENCE, RI--(Marketwired - May 13, 2015) - Digication™, a leading provider of ePortfolios, today announced the availability of a powerful integration with Credly, the popular platform for recognizing achievement with digital badges and credentials. The seamless connection allows a learner to showcase digital badges representing verified achievements in their ePortfolio, which can be shared with instructors, admissions offices and prospective employers.

Learners at over 5,000 institutions at all levels in K-12 and higher education use Digication ePortfolios to demonstrate career readiness, document and showcase academic and co-curricular success, and expand their learning strategies by collecting authentic evidence of their skills, progress and achievement. Digital badges are an official and portable form of evidence that specific skills, contributions or achievements were directly assessed, observed or verified by a third party. When added to ePortfolios, these credentials offer a more complete picture of each person's capabilities and talent because of the ePortfolio's ability to display the badge along with the evidence.

Thousands of organizations issue digital credentials using Credly and its Open Credit platform, the most comprehensive and widely used infrastructure for distributing, managing and storing digital credentials and open badges.

The University of Notre Dame's "ePortfolios with Evidence-Based Badges" (E2B2) initiative gives students the opportunity to showcase important learning achievements that are not captured as part of traditional academic transcripts and student records. Using Digication and Credly, the University is able to recognize student learning and achievement in co-curricular areas like service learning, internships, club leadership, student worker jobs, research and study abroad -- informal learning experiences which together comprise a far greater portion of student life and learning than classroom-based activities.

"With this exciting integration between Digication and Credly, we now have a way for students to easily import and display the digital badges they earn into their ePortfolios," said G. Alex Ambrose, Professor of Practice and Associate Director of ePortfolio Assessment at Notre Dame's Kaneb Center for Teaching and Learning.

Speaking about the platform integration with Campus Technology, Ambrose stated: "It gives students new options to highlight and examine their accomplishments, and by doing so, they address questions that most transcripts couldn't answer." Ambrose continued: "This new visibility into the co-curricular, a view we can provide through the intersection of digital badges and ePortfolios, is opening up some real opportunities for both individuals and for the institution."

"Digication is committed to supporting the education community with an ePortfolio system that promotes the sharing of authentic student learning experiences that provide a complete picture of learner abilities," said Jeffrey Yan, co-founder and CEO of Digication. "With our new integration with Credly, we've responded to the growing need for educational institutions to make it easy for learners to include verified achievements and digital badges among the evidence they collect and share in their ePortfolios."

"We're delighted to see Digication's integration of Credly in action starting at institutions like the University of Notre Dame," said Jonathan Finkelstein, founder and CEO of Credly. "Digital badges certify skills and accomplishments that deserve official recognition, and the incorporation of badges by Digication helps these achievements be even more visible and more valuable to those who earn them."

Highlights of the Digication integration of Credly include:

  • Users can add a Credly module to display their digital badges anywhere in their ePortfolios;
  • Users can choose to display one or more of their badges in any section or module within their ePortfolio;
  • Viewers of an ePortfolio can click on a badge imported from Credly and see additional relevant information about the credential, including more details about the issuer, badge criteria, and evidence, and viewers can also click through to the issuer's site to learn more;
  • ePortfolio owners can easily link their Credly accounts or create a new account all from inside the Digication environment.

Both Digication and Credly offer enterprise-wide plans to help institutions serve the needs of all the learners they serve while connecting to other student and information systems used by the school. Today's announcement also demonstrates both organizations' commitment to ensuring learners own, manage and collect the evidence of their learning and achievement throughout their lives. Digication provides alumni with ongoing and free access to continue using their ePortfolios for lifelong learning and career advancement after graduation, and Credly provides free secure storage of verified credentials in perpetuity to those who have earned them.

About Digication
Founded by educators, Jeffrey Yan and Kelly Driscoll in 2002, Digication is a leading provider of easy-to-use ePortfolio and Assessment solutions for teachers and students at all levels, from K-12 to higher education. Students at more than 5,000 schools use Digication's ePortfolios to easily, flexibly and professionally showcase their work and achievements across schools and districts. ePortfolios create new opportunities for learning, reflection, communication, assessment and career advancement. Digication is headquartered in Providence, Rhode Island. For more information, visit http://www.digication.com

About Credly
Credly helps the world recognize lifelong achievement by offering the leading platforms for verifying, sharing and managing digital badges and credentials. Groups like the New York City Department of Education, SUNY, University of Alaska Fairbanks, Brandman University, University of Central Florida, EDUCAUSE, CoSN, Training Magazine, Harvard Graduate School of Education, University of Notre Dame, the YMCA of Greater New York, and the New Media Consortium all use Credly to make achievements visible. Visit Credly.com.

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