Pramata Adds Missing Intelligence About Customer Relationships to CRM

Key Customer Information Integrated Into SFDC; Helps Sales Teams Compress Enterprise Sales Cycles, Improve Retention & Upsell

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - May 13, 2015) - Pramata, the Customer Relationship Intelligence company, announced today a new enterprise software and services solution that provides the essential intelligence about customer relationships currently missing from CRM. Pramata Customer Relationship Intelligence™, which is integrated into and other CRM solutions, is built from the ground up to help companies keep and grow their most valuable customer relationships.

"It's ironic that CRM actually contains very little information about your customer relationship," said Praful Saklani, co-founder and CEO of Pramata. "Pramata adds what's missing -- answers to questions such as:

  • what has my customer agreed to purchase and what have they paid for?
  • has this customer achieved revenue targets and commitments?
  • what pricing and discounts are in effect?
  • what are the key dates and triggers?

And details about SLAs and commitments and scores of other pieces of relationship information that sales teams need."

The problem: missing data about customer relationships
Customer contracts define complex, B2B relationships. They tend to be highly negotiated and vary from customer to customer, or even vary for a particular customer depending on business units, local customs and other criteria. 

As a result, it's very challenging and time consuming to extract information about dates, pricing, compliance, commitments, SLAs and scores of other criteria. And it's especially challenging to reconcile this information with data from billing and other sources.

"Asking a sales person to decipher the hundreds of pages in a contract, and to understand the relationship between master agreement, sub-agreements and various amendments is inefficient use of a highly skilled resource," said Saklani. "Sales operations, deals desks, legal, compliance and finance teams are taxed too, and no one is happy with the amount of time and energy required to get to basic information.

"Our customers have made significant investments in CRM," said Saklani. "Pramata helps them get more mileage from their investment and unlock additional value from CRM."

About Pramata
Pramata is the Customer Relationship Intelligence company. Its solutions help large B2B companies keep and grow their most complex, and most valuable, customer relationships.

Pramata is headquartered in Brisbane, California. More information is available at

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