CEO of Getflix FullVPN Service Warns "Australia's Internet Freedom Is at Risk"

Balikesir, TURKEY

ISTANBUL, Turkey, May 13, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Efe Cakinberk, the CEO of Global Stealth Inc. announced today that his FullVPN proxy server service, has seen a huge spike in Australian users over the past 12 months. However, the VPN CEO also suggested that the newly passed ‘Data Retention Bill’ combined with proposed amendments to the Australia’s ‘Copyright Online Infringement Bill’, could ultimately outlaw the use of VPN’s in Australia and heavily restrict the ‘Internet Freedom’ for all Australians.

“At the moment, Australians are not breaking any laws if they choose to use a VPN service such as Getflix FullVPN for accessing and streaming Geo-blocked content online or to protect their online privacy. However, under the proposed new amendments to Australian copyright laws, accessing VPN’s could soon be banned in Australia. This should be a major concern for all Australians because making the use of VPN’s illegal in Australia will severely limit their access to the same information, entertainment and digital content being streamed elsewhere in the world.” said Mr Cakinberk.

While VPN access is still officially legal in Australia, the Getflix CEO fears Australians will soon lose all of their ‘Internet Freedom’ and ‘online privacy’ if the use of VPN’s and proxy server services are completely outlawed. “Recent changes already made to the Australian Metadata Retention Bill now require all telecommunications companies to retain a customers' phone and computer metadata for up to two years. VPN services such as Getflix FullVPN are not only used to bypass Geo-blocking and access regional restricted content online. Virtual Private Networks are also utilized to protect the online privacy of those who want to keep their web browsing private and secure. The recent changes already made to the Australian metadata Retention Bill, combined with the potential banning of VPN use in Australia is going to restrict Australia’s ‘Internet freedom’ and leave citizens totally exposed to the uninterrupted intrusion of their online privacy by the Australian Government.” added the Getflix CEO.


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