Taboo Product Campaign Leaves Parents Outraged With Young Entrepreneur

Forward thinking has become more of a social norm these days, but some still believe that blurring gender lines shouldn't be openly promoted.

Los Angeles,CA, May 13, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The controversial product campaign started by Z Skin Cosmetics founder Ryan Zamo has become quite an eye-raiser among teens and parents. Zamo's new product campaign is promoting "cover-up makeup" for men, attempting to prompt young adults males to blur the gender lines of makeup use, leaving many conservative parents highly offended with the campaign. 

Marry W, a 43-year-old mother and customer of Z Skin Cosmetics openly voiced her opinion on the campaign, saying, "I personally think Ryan Zamo is brilliant, in fact my 22-year-old son was thrilled when Ryan released his mineral makeup products, I think men should be less scared to use a little makeup now and then". 

His new campaign, which is attempting to achieve a greater acceptance for males to use makeup products, has left many curious about Zamos' motives, he told us "A lot more men wear cover-up than you'd think, I actually started using cover-up in middle school to help hide my acne. Putting typical makeup on breakouts is terrible for your skin and can make pimples worse, mineral makeup is light and not as thick or noticeable, its properties are also proven to help clear breakouts." 

With teenage bullying on the raise, both online and in schools, it seems many of the parents also believe the young CEO may be feeding into the struggle that is already present for young kids these days. Bringing the most outspoken parents from the mid-west , one parent was quoted saying, "I was raised in a Christian household, and I raise my kids the same way, it is not acceptable in my eyes to promote acceptance for men to dabble in makeup use or any other female activities." 

The controversial marketing ploy seems to have stirred the pot in society, Zamo told us, "It's a different world today and I think it's a perfect time for an ad campaign like this, I really didn't think it would become so controversial, I just figured if it worked for my skin it would be great to try and change men's opinions to trying it out." And though many have become outraged with the young entrepreneur for his new target marketing, Zamo does not plan on stopping the campaigns anytime soon. 

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